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Kanye West: I’m Sorry For Harassing Kim Kardashian … But I Still Hate Pete Davidson!


It’s not every day that we hear an apology from Kanye West.

And that’s a shame, because it’s not often that a day goes by without the rapper doing something that warrants an apology.

West has been behaving even more foolishly than usual this week, issuing threats to Pete Davidson who incurred the wrath of Ye simply by entering a romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian.

If you’re thinking Kanye should have no problem with that development, as he and Kim have been separated for over a year, then you’re absolutely right.

Kanye, Kim, Pete

But you’re also using logic and thinking like an adult with a fully-developed brain, two things that Kanye has historically struggled with.

As you’re probably aware, Yeezy has taken quite the curious approach to the problem of his ex falling for another man.

While threatening to assault Davidson in increasingly unhinged social media posts, West has also gone full stalker in his efforts to win his wife back.

Kanye truck

Like, the guy literally had a truckload of roses delivered to Kim’s house and then posted a bunch of pics of this ridiculous gesture on Instagram so that the whole world would know how creepy he is.

When Kim texted Kanye to point out that this sort of behavior could well result in someone — namely Pete — getting hurt, he violated her privacy by publicly posting screenshots of their conversation.

But eventually, someone must have gotten through to this guy and pointed out to him that he’s crossing the line into restraining order territory, because he issued a sheepish apology on Instagram moments ago.

And astonishingly, it wasn’t written in Kanye’s usual, obnoxious, all-caps style.

“I’ve learned that using all caps makes people feel like I’m screaming at them. I’m working on my communication,” the rapper captioned the photo above.

“I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers and community leaders. Thank everybody for supporting me,” West continued.

“I know sharing screen shots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim. I take accountability. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers.

“To be good leader is to be a good listener,” Kanye concluded — tellingly, making no mention of Davidson.

Of course, the army of sycophants who were encouraging Kanye’s harassment campaign are now praising him for apologizing, but that was to be expected.

Many have joked that Ye finally handed the password for his account over to his PR team, and that seems like a pretty accurate assessment of what happened here.

Anyway, the apology is a start, but now Kanye faces the true test of his maturity and emotional stability:

Can he actually move on and put his kids’ happiness ahead of his own?

What we’ve witnessed over the course of the past week is nothing less than criminal harassment and a callous disregard for the safety or everyone involved.

Thankfully, someone talked some sense into Kanye before anything tragic happened, and hopefully, they made him realize that he can never go down this road again.

Clearly, West thought he was engaging in another one of the occasionally-amusing celebrity feuds that have characterized his career.

But what he was actually doing was putting his children in harm’s way and triggering millions of abuse survivors.

We make our share of jokes at Kanye’s expense around here, but the events of the past few days were no laughing matter.

And the days to come will reveal if West has finally come to grasp that truth.


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