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Teen Mom Family Reunion watch LIVE


TEEN Mom: Family Reunion is back again with rope courses, therapy sessions, and romantic outings.

After Maci Bookout and Farrah Abrahams have a conversation following last week’s episode, the mothers and fathers hang around on a rope course and Zach takes Cheyenne on a romantic date.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion airs Tuesday nights at 8pm ET on MTV.

Fans slammed Farrah as “racist” after she called Cory Wharton “ghetto” during Tuesday’s episode.

Her comment set Cory’s ex, Cheyenne Floyd, off, leading to a table-flipping brawl.

Shortly after her arrival on the Teen Mom Family Reunion set, Farrah found herself at the center of the drama.

While she said her hellos, making small talk with cast members like Amber Portwood, the rest of the cast aired their various issues with Farrah.

Read our Teen Mom: Family Reunion live blog for the latest news and updates…

  • Who is Amber Portwood?

    Amber Portwood rose to prominence after appearing on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009.

    She has risen to the top of the cast lists on spin-off series Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG since her debut.

    Amber, who hails from Anderson, Indiana, has had her fair share of legal issues. She was arrested and charged with domestic violence as well as drug possession.

    According to Cheat Sheet, Amber is worth $1.1 million.

  • Did Maci divorce Taylor McKinney?

    Despite speculations that the pair have had their ups and downs, Maci has not divorced Taylor and has not announced that they are divorcing.

    On social media, fans have slammed Maci for appearing to be “playing games with her marriage.”

    A source told Us Weekly in February 2020 that the couple is aware of the allegations, but that “there is no truth to those stories whatsoever” and that “they laugh at them as they are happy together than ever.”

  • Is Maci pregnant?

    Maci Bookout shared a snapshot of a sonogram with not one, but two baby onesies on her Instagram profile in September of 2021.

    One outfit reads “I was a surprise,” and the other reads “I was definitely a surprise.”

    The caption is the only additional piece of information in the post, and it directs users to the link in Maci’s bio.

    Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, have a small article on their website that does not announce that they are pregnant but does highlight that adoption is still a possibility for them.

  • When was Bar arrested?

    Bar was arrested in late May 2021 for wilful discharge of a handgun in a careless manner.

    At the Merced County Sheriff’s Main Jail, he was being held on a $25,000 bail.

    The Sun confirmed his arrest in May, although he had already been freed from jail.

    Bar just announced that he is having his facial tattoos removed.

  • What is Teen Mom: Family Reunion about?

    The series, airing on MTV every Tuesday at 8pm EST, stars cast members who have starred in the Teen Mom franchise.

    Stars Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd planned the reunion that involves Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 cast members.

    The reunion takes place in San Diego with, according to MTV, “unexpected gusts, new friendships and deep dives into family and relationship drama.”

  • Coming up…

    On episode 7, the mothers and fathers split up to discuss ways to keep the romance alive in their individual relationships.

    The moms also notice Leah shutting down and try to urge her to open up.

  • Janelle and Amber had beef

    “If Janelle shows up, I’m out of here,” said Amber.

    “I’m waiting for the b**** to roll up any second now.”

  • Mission accomplished

    “We wouldn’t have done as well as we did if we weren’t supporting each other,” said Jade about their activity.

  • Bar encourages Ashley to ride the line

    “Bar was the one that made me decide to do it,” said Ashley. “I almost felt like I was going to disappoint him.”

    “I’m so proud of her,” said Bar.

  • Everyone wants to get down

    Ashley doesn’t want to ride the zipline, but everyone else is standing shakily in wait.

  • Who is Ashley Jones?

    Ashley first appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in 2018, and she recently joined Teen Mom 2 for the upcoming season when Chelsea Houska left the program.

    Ashley became pregnant at the age of 19 and co-parents her daughter Holly with her baby daddy, Bar Smith, 24.

    Ashley is also the co-host for I Need Wine, a podcast known for “Droppin knowledge, truth and F bombs,” according to their Instagram bio.

  • “I don’t do heights,” says Ashley.

    Hugging a column for safety, Ashley is crying about how she is afraid of falling off of the course.

  • Jade does it!

    “My ass was in my stomach,” said Jade after being the first to ride the zipline.

  • “I’m gonna f*** you up!”

    Ashley screams out in fear after Cory bounces on the ropes the family is standing on.

  • Zach fills up the bottle

    Not being able to relieve himself elsewhere, Zach takes to a water bottle to urinate in while Cheyenne laughed.

  • “I really like us,” said Cheyenne

    “I really like us too,” said Zach in response.

    The two of them spoke about how they’re good parents and are comfortable with where they are.

  • Zach plans to take advantage of the trip

    Zach took Cheyenne to Davis Island via a boat for a private date by the water.

  • What is tonight’s episode about?

    According to the episode’s description, fans can look forward to seeing the following:

    “Maci and Farrah have a tense sit down; the group does a team building ropes course, and Ashley freezes; the group gets disco fever when Briana throws a party; Chey opens up about feeling like an outsider when she first joined.”

  • Bonding opportunity

    Jade said that the ropes course looked “hella intimidating,” but that running it as a family will be a worthwhile experience.

    Ashley said that “if I’m here with Ashley, I don’t want to hear s***.”

  • Jade announces a “ropes course”

    Ashely and Jade decided to work together after resolving their differences to put together the ropes course event.

  • Ashley commits

    Ashley said that after she heard what Cheyenne (therapist) said, she will go home and be more supportive toward Bar.

  • “Let him be human”

    Their therapist, Cheyenne, told Ashley to allow Bar to have his feelings and to “let him be human.”

  • Bar is emotional

    “Who told you you weren’t good enough?”

    “I don’t know,” said Bar.

    The two then began to talk about his father and his absence, and he began to cry, understanding how much it affects his daily life.

  • Did Bar pass his GED?

    Teen Mom’s Bar Smith wrote on Instagram that he passed his General Education Development (GED) test, writing alongside a smiley face emoji: “I got my GED.”

    “If you know me you know how important this is to me, you know how I struggle day to day with mental shit and life, you know the change I’ve been making!!!” he continued.

    “If you don’t have yours GET IT it’s not as hard as it seems or as hard as I made it seem since it took me so long! Good luck.”

  • “Who told you that you weren’t good enough?”

    Bar became emotional when the therapist asked him whether anyone had ever told him if he wasn’t good enough.


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