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What to do in Mérida with a Focus on Traveling Local


Sometimes we overlook the things that are closest to us – it’s human nature. And maybe that explains why I overlooked Mexico in lieu of further-off, more exotic locations. But when I finally reached into the drawer to dust off my passport for the first time since the pandemic, I decided Mérida Mexico was the perfect place to ease back into international travel again.

I usually think of Mexico as somewhat similar to the US culture, but this trip taught me how wrong I was. As our local guide, Raul, answered our many questions about what Mexicans eat for breakfast, what time do people go to dinner, how they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, what is the giant looking lime in the market, why are there boxes on top of graves in the cemetery, etc; I realized Mexico is full of culture that is very different from ours.

And that excited me…

things to do in Merida Mexico

It was the first post-pandemic international travel for each of us on this trip; Bethany (my oldest niece) and her boyfriend Ben, plus my good friends Vicki and Bridget. I was the only person that tied us all together, but we were all willing to roll the dice and go on a group vacation to a place none of us had been before.

Why Visit Mérida

Mérida is an excellent jumping-off point for learning about and experiencing the Yucatan culture. Named for the ancient Spanish city, Mérida was founded in 1542 by the conquistador Francisco de Montejo y Leon on the site of the Maya city of T’ho. When the Spanish arrived, they had the 5 ancient Mayan pyramids destroyed and used the stones to build the Cathedral de San Ildefonso and the Casa de Montejo. These buildings are now focal points on the La Plaza Grande (the main square).


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