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Cruising with Viking Ocean: Bermuda Escape Review


Viking is my favorite cruise line out there. The ships are stunningly beautiful, the food is some of the finest, and the destinations are incredible. Pair this with the best customer service around and you simply cannot beat venturing on a Viking ship. I’ve cruised with them many times before in Europe but I was thrilled to check out the tropical Bermuda Escape with Viking Ocean Cruises.

The Bermuda trip with Viking Cruise sails around the small island of Bermuda. We took a flight from Dallas, stopped in New York, and landed in Bermuda for our 7 day trip.

What I love about cruising is how it really feels, more than anything else, like a true vacation. You unpack once, have entertainment, delicious food at your beck and call, and the excursions are just outside your door. Viking offers many different choices for excursions and I always feel like I get to learn and explore as much as I want!

I don’t have to research hotels, museums, or even restaurants! Traveling is a wonderful experience, but it can be stressful. There are so many pieces to the puzzle, with Viking you simply book and can rest knowing everything is ready for you.

Health and Safety Measures for Cruising with Viking

In order to set sail, Viking has taken as many safety precautions as possible for their ship, staff, and passengers. Everyone on board must be fully vaccinated 2 weeks prior to departure. There are also Covid tests taken every single day. There’s actually a full-scale laboratory installed on every Viking ship and every day you will take a non-invasive saliva PCR test. There’s air purification throughout the ship, temperature checks before each meal, and hand washing stations throughout. The ship is already spotlessly clean but there are even more measures in place to keep it clean.

I personally felt extremely safe as did my fellow passengers.

The Viking Orion

Viking river and ocean cruises differ in a few ways, mainly, the aesthetics of the ship. But you can find the same level of class and service on both, which means it’s some of the best! The ship itself is elegant and beautiful. Clean designs match with the supreme Norwegian visual appeal.

I’ve traveled with Viking on their ocean fleet before, and I am happy to say the experience was just as lovely!

Everything on board is easy and seamless. The ship offers so many dining options, places to relax, play games, enjoy the ocean, bars, and more.

The ship is sprinkled with traces of Norway (where the company’s founder is from) throughout the ship such as the reindeer hides, the lichen garden beneath the stairs, secret trolls drawn into the bamboo wall design when you take the elevator, and efficient design of the space on board.

The Explorer’s Lounge makes you feel like your embarking on one of the famous sea fairing expeditions that expanded our world’s horizons. It features constellations that light up as the sun sets and feels as if you’re setting off on a brand new journey. There is also a library and a bar here, as well as daily trivia.

Right by the entrance to the Lounge is Mamsen’s. This is the best spot for traditional Norwegian waffles with sweet cheese. Try it!

In the Wintergarden you can enjoy daily tea in the beautiful sunlight. You’ll find beautiful decorative details like depictions of ravens. According to Norwegian folklore, the ravens gather information and truth. Viking exploration motifs are also represented in the metalwork throughout.

There is an auditorium for entertainment, the Star Theater, I especially loved the ABBA themed night, and also educational lectures. These are INCREDIBLE. Sincerely one of the reasons to book with Viking. The lectures discuss things you might come across during your travels, but also discuss the history of the Vikings. There are artifacts on board and throughout the ship. There’s even a museum on board! Basically, there is enrichment everywhere which adds even more value and meaning to your vacation.

There is also an indoor and outdoor pool for your enjoyment, a lounge, gym, plenty of cozy areas to lounge, read, and so much more!

Viking is an experience, and the service is outstanding. The staff works so hard and they are so happy. Truly one of the best feelings ever! They will provide anything you need and do it with a smile. They get to know you, your name, and even your preferences.

There are so many exquisite details on-board the ship, you just have to experience it for yourself!

Benefits of Viking

What I love about Viking is the precision of detail and level of service. There are no hidden costs. While Viking is certainly not a budget option, it’s inclusive with dining, wine and beer, and even experiences.

  • Every room has its own private balcony, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sea from every angle.
  • There are several restaurants to choose from, including Italian, fine dining, buffet, classic grill, local cuisine, and premium cuisine with wine pairing. This is all included in the price of your trip and it’s well worth it.
  • The cleaning crew comes twice a day – you’ll wake up and go to sleep feeling clean.
  • Rooms have outlets for American plugs as well as European, so you won’t have to worry about which adapters to bring.
  • Complimentary guided tours included at every port.
  • Ships are small enough to get into more hard to reach ports.
  • Ships are large enough that you always have space and room to roam and enjoy what activities you like.
  • Free WiFi on board
  • Flatscreen TVs in your room with tons of movies, TV, and even special programs developed by Viking (I LOVE these!).
  • You can book everything online and have access to your itinerary via your TV or the Viking app.
  • The enrichment programs alone to make me want to come back again and again

The room on board Viking is spacious, comfortable, and has a wonderful balcony! I especially love the bathroom. It’s well equipped and the shower is large.


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