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60 Minutes: Apr 24


On 60 Minutes, Tara Brown is in Lismore as locals clean up after two punishing floods, plus Tom Steinfort on the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial.

The Hell of High Water
The people of Lismore have endured a cruelty that’s difficult to fully comprehend. In February, the town was drowned by its worst flood in recorded history. Then, four weeks later, it copped it all over again, when another massive torrent of water became Lismore’s third worst flood ever. While the physical damage from these disasters is enormous, the emotional cost is impossible to count for the thousands of affected townsfolk. Now, as Tara Brown reports, Lismore’s very existence is being questioned. And because it’s built on a flood plain, no one needs to be Nostradamus to predict that more water torture is inevitable. So should the town be rebuilt, or should its residents run for the hills?
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Amelia Ballinger

In Too Depp
If ever proof was needed that when two stars collide there’s an almighty explosion, just look at the court case of Johnny Depp versus his former wife Amber Heard. After only a few days of testimony, the trial is already a blockbuster drama that has the critics raving, mostly in disbelief. Everyone is asking why the pair are willing to expose the very grubby details of their failed marriage. Depp launched the legal action after claiming his career was destroyed when he was allegedly defamed in a newspaper article Amber wrote about domestic violence. He’s now demanding millions in damages. Amber, not surprisingly, is counter-suing for millions more. But as Tom Steinfort discovers, the reality is that in this star war they’ll both pay dearly.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producer: Naomi Shivaraman

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.


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