Home Entertainment (Photo) Blueface Alleges Chrisean Rock Wrote His Name In Blood After Breaking Into His Home

(Photo) Blueface Alleges Chrisean Rock Wrote His Name In Blood After Breaking Into His Home


For months, social media has suspected that Chrisean Rock and Blueface were dating despite Blueface being in a relationship. On Tuesday, Blueface addressed those claims, after Chrisean was arrested in Oklahoma for possession of a controlled substance.

Blueface spoke on the arrest of his former artist and shared his version of events. In a series of IG stories and shared messages between Chrisean and Blueface, he said, “For all you people saying, ‘you were f****ing her.’ You told her you loved her.’ When does that ever make it OK to steal somebody’s car to drive it across the country to give it to their mom?”

He continued to say, “We’re adults. We’re not kids…Y’all giving kid reactions. She’s 21-years-old, almost 22.” In the nearly two minute video, Blueface also said, “I woke up and my car was gone. (Chrisean) tip toeing around my house. Cut herself breaking in, left a little note in blood.”

The rapper also shared a photo of the note allegedly written by Chrisean in what appears to be blood. It read, “I love (heart sign) Blue,” and it was signed by “Rock.”

In the messages that were shared, it appears Blue was pleading with Chrisean to leave the vehicle somewhere before cops arrested her, but Chrisean responded and said, “Nobody going to jail stop texting me.”

Wack 100 chimed in on Chrisean getting arrested and said she was a “Bozo,” and he now has to spend “$5,000” to get the G Wagon “transported” back to California.

Whew! Roomies, what y’all think about this? Hopefully Chrisean will get the help she needs.


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