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Where to Stay in Merida Mexico Casa de las Torres


I’ve always said, people don’t typically travel to places for a hotel or lodging. Normally it is a culture, or an experience in a destination that causes someone to hit ‘purchase’. However, there are exceptions to everything. When I woke up and started watching Instagram stories one morning in June 2021, I saw a friend who was showing off where to stay in Merida and was walking viewers through his Airbnb rental, and I knew immediately – I had to go stay in this unique villa.

Apparently, I guess I am the type of person who travels somewhere for lodging. However, it also helped that I had made the reservation over the Mexican celebration for Day of the Dead. But it was the images of the Airbnb Villa that planted the idea in my mind and made me book a trip to Merida Mexico.

Where is merida mexico

This unusual Merida place to stay caused me to hit ‘purchase’ and plan an entire week-long trip to Mexico for October.

Where to Stay in Merida – Casa De Las Torres Airbnb Rental


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