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Podcast #272 – Answering Your “Reader Emails” – Reality Steve


We had a little bit of a scheduling conflict this week, so the original guest is now gonna be pushed back to next week. I’m guessing you will enjoy next weeks guest. Promise. So, I decided to answer your “Reader Emails,” which kinda turned into 101 different ways to ask me about Shanae. Kidding. Well, sort of. There definitely is a lot of Shanae talk in today’s podcast, looked at from a few different angles. We also talk a little college basketball, NFL playoffs, Tom Brady, Bachelor Nation podcasts and books, productions role in this seasons storylines, is the drama too over-the-top, etc. That and much, much more in today’s “Reader Emails” podcasts. Some of you sent them in after I’d already recorded this afternoon, so your emails will just be in next Wednesday’s “Reader Emails.” Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by discussing how Wordle is consuming my life and misconceptions about Happy Couple visits in the “Bachelor” franchise. Then Jacqueline joins me ( to discuss forced vulnerability on this show, how difficult it can be to open up, Cassidy & Shanae’s characters, how her fiancé Paul pulled off their engagement last month, her fertility situation and much, much more.

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