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Did Kathy Hilton Send Lisa Rinna a Cease and Desist?


Almost everything that goes down on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is supposed to stay under wraps until the show airs.

So, naturally, absolutely everyone knows that serious drama went down on the RHOBH Aspen trip.

First, there were reports of Lisa Rinna turning on Erika Jayne. Then, Kathy Hilton was publicly seen begging to get away.

Now comes the insinuation that someone — perhaps Kathy — sent out a cease and desist to her castmate. What’s going on?

Kathy Hilton has some notes (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Unlike real life neighbors, who often barely know each other’s names, Real Housewives are known for their annual cast trips.

The Beverly Hills cast went to Aspent for Season 12.

It sounds like almost everything that could go wrong among some of these stars has gone catastrophically wrong.

We’re talking about the usual quarrels, conflict in private clubs, and even deserting the group in a sprinter van to find sanctuary in a hotel.

Kathy Hilton reportedly has a “Friend” role this season, but that hasn’t kept her out of the thick of the drama.

Honestly? If this is why she avoided being on the show for the longest time, we kind of understand it.

We had all heard the reports that Lisa Rinna got production shut down temporarily after crossing a line.

Allegedly, it had something to do with her “concern” over Erika “self-medicating” with alcohol and pills.

Maybe she said something that could get the show sued, maybe it was something else, but that was just the beginning.

A report came out recently that claimed that Kathy had gotten into some sort of intense conflict with a staff member at a private club.

The ladies went there — sadly, after filming had ended, which means that cameras weren’t there to capture it.

However, it’s said that Kathy is a member of the club and often goes there while in Aspen.

Allegedly, Kathy felt that she received poor treatment by a staff member.

The inciting incident? Supposedly, she had asked the DJ to play a song by Michael Jackson.

It’s not entirely clear how the controversial singer’s music being requested led to such a blowout, but Kathy has been described as “distraught.”

Reports described Lisa as escorting Kathy back to the cast’s lodgings, where Kathy refused to film.

Lisa took to Instagram to stir the pot in the vaguest way possible.

“Oh damn are we back to cease and desist? Ooof,” she wrote … before quickly deleting the post.

So, who sent Lisa a cease and desist demand?

Obviously, deleting the post did nothing to deter the rumors.

Many of those who wonders settled on the idea that Kathy was the culprit.

Kathy has since denied sending the cease and desist, through a statement via her reps.

Specifically, her rep said that she had spent the previous day filming and had not sent anything of the sort to Lisa Rinna.

Other reports have emphasized that the two are getting along very well.

This leaves us with the question of who sent such an order?

Let’s keep in mind that Lisa never claimed to have received the cease and desist herself — the options are wide open.

Kathy didn’t send one to Lisa, but any other combo is conceivable.


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