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Behind the Design: Our Natural Dyed Quilts and Throws



Almost two years ago, just before the world shut down, my family and I went on a trip to Rajasthan, India. (Read more about our trip here). While there, we visited factories and creative studios and one of my favorite stops was at a new natural dye studio. There was a small garden in the back, a tiny little lab, and a group of four women experimenting with flowers, plants, and seeds creating the most beautiful color specimens.

It has been a joy working with them to develop our latest top-of-bed collection for our newest brand, Like a Lion. These quilts and throws were all dyed with flowers from their gardens and the colors are giving me all the vibes. I also love how they bring together plants and color–two of my favorite things!

Since fabric dye can be very damaging to the environment, we are excited and proud to have begun the process of designing with natural dyes and hope to be able to continue offering products like these that tread a bit more lightly on mama earth.

We hope you enjoy cuddling up with these as much as we enjoyed designing them for you!
Like a Lion is available exclusively at Jungalow. The natural dye collection is available here.
Product Photos by Sara Toufali for Jungalow. Photos from Natural Dye studio in Rajasthan by Justina Blakeney


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