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Word of the Day: impart


The word impart has appeared in 66 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Nov. 24 in “NASA Launches New Mission: Crash Into Asteroid, Defend Planet Earth” by Joey Roulette:

The test, if successful, will give NASA a confirmed weapon in its planetary-defense arsenal. But for asteroids bigger than Dimorphos, other conceptual deflection methods might be more fitting, astronomers say. For instance, a fleet of several impactor spacecraft, like the mission design used by astronomers in the Tokyo simulation, could be used to alter a bigger asteroid’s course.

For any potentially hazardous asteroids that would be at least 10 years from impacting Earth, another untested deflection method involves a “gravity tractor” spacecraft that would orbit or hover close to the asteroid for years and impart a small gravitational influence, gradually tugging the rock’s course away from Earth.

Can you correctly use the word impart in a sentence?

Based on the definition and example provided, write a sentence using today’s Word of the Day and share it as a comment on this article. It is most important that your sentence makes sense and demonstrates that you understand the word’s definition, but we also encourage you to be creative and have fun.

Then, read some of the other sentences students have submitted and use the “Recommend” button to vote for two original sentences that stand out to you.

If you want a better idea of how impart can be used in a sentence, read these usage examples on Vocabulary.com.

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