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Natural Muscle Pain Relief Lotion Bars Recipe


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I love to use lotion bars as a simple way to moisturize and nourish my skin because they are easy to customize. This natural muscle pain relief version is one of my favorites. I grab it after a workout or whenever I’m feeling sore muscles.

Natural Muscle Pain Relief

Lately, I’ve been relying on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to keep in shape. It’s a natural way to improve blood flow to the brain and stay healthy. Working out can come with some aches and pains, though. 

Supplements like magnesium, anti-inflammatory turmeric, curcumin, and cherry juice can all help with muscle soreness. Maybe you’re not even dealing with aches and pains from working out, but just life in general. 

According to the CDC, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population has arthritis, with joint pain from osteoarthritis being the most common. Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis are also on the rise. While eating a healthy diet is key to managing chronic pain from these challenges, it’s also nice to get some quick relief in the meantime. A natural muscle pain relief lotion bar is a great way to do just that.

Over the Counter Pain Management

Anti-inflammatory drugs and NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, are increasingly popular as more people struggle with pain-related issues. In 2019, the pain reliever drug market was valued at well over 74 million and is expected to increase significantly each year. A lot of these drugs have unwanted side effects, and many people are looking for complementary therapies to use instead. 

The conventional healthcare system doesn’t offer many solutions for pain management outside of pills and surgery. Thankfully there are plenty of home remedies for natural muscle pain relief to turn to.

Natural Muscle Relaxers

Muscles can get tight and stiff from overuse or injury and relaxing them is key. Muscle spasms are a common problem for all ages and range from annoying to downright painful. Taking an Epsom salt bath with some chamomile herb is a relaxing way to unwind and treat your muscles. Sometimes I’ll use a homemade heating pad or hot water bottle to soothe sore muscles. 

Be sure to give yourself enough downtime to heal when needed, and nourish your body! 

Natural Muscle Pain Relief Lotion Bars

This recipe is simple enough to make but oh so soothing. I don’t use it during pregnancy due to the potent essential oils, but it’s great at other times. I also make a diluted version by using half as much menthol and essential oil. According to essential oil skincare expert Tisserand, a .5% dilution of peppermint is safe for kids ages 3-6. I use a 1% dilution here, so cutting the essential oil in half will put it in that range. You could even cut it down to .25% and use only 10 drops of peppermint oil in the recipe if you prefer. The toned-down version is great for my kids when they get growing pains.

Here’s a breakdown of the active ingredients and why I chose them. 

Menthol and Peppermint

Menthol is the main active ingredient in peppermint oil, and both have an analgesic (pain-relieving) effect. I’ve included both menthol and peppermint essential oil in this recipe, so you get the benefits of both. It’s perfect for neck pain, back pain, and even migraines. 

Arnica Oil

Arnica is one natural remedy no mama should be without! Its anti-inflammatory properties are great for sprains and stiff muscles. You can make your own arnica-infused oil or buy it if you’re short on time. Here are instructions for how to make your own herb-infused oil.  

Natural Muscle Pain Relief Lotion Bar Recipe


Natural Muscle Pain Relief Lotion Bars

These natural muscle pain relief lotion bars smell excellent and work wonders on sore or tired muscles!

Active Time20 mins

Cooling time2 hrs

Total Time2 hrs 20 mins

Yield: 6 bars

Author: Katie Wells


  • Combine the coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax in a quart-size glass mason jar, and carefully place this jar in a small saucepan of water on the stove.

  • Turn the burner on, and bring water to a low simmer. Stir ingredients constantly until they are melted and smooth.

  • Remove from heat. Stir in the menthol crystals and stir until dissolved.

  • Add the essential oils and arnica oil (if using), and stir until well combined.

  • Carefully pour the oil mixture into the molds of your choice. I used silicone molds, though any mold will work.

  • Allow the lotion bars to cool completely before attempting to pop out of the molds. I put the bars in the fridge to speed up the cooling time.


You can use different shaped molds for this, including muffin pans. Another option is to pour the lotion bar mixture into a square baking pan and then use a knife to cut it into individual bars. 
The exact recipe yield will depend on the size of your molds, but I usually get about 6 bars from this recipe. 

How to Use:

Store in a cool or dry place for up to six months. I’ve even had some last as long as a year.

To use: Hold the natural muscle pain relief lotion bar in your hand and carefully rub it onto dry skin. The skin’s heat will transfer some of the lotion bar to the skin. I store my lotion bars on a small plate on my dresser and bathroom counter. 

Don’t Want to Make Them?

If you want to use lotion bars but don’t have the time to make them for yourself, I found a great small business that sells them. MadeOn makes all kinds of lotion bars, soaps, natural baby products, and hair products that are up to my standards. They have agreed to give Wellness Mama readers a 15% discount on all orders with the code WELLNESSMAMA. You can find their BeeCool muscle balm lotion stick here. 

Have you ever made lotion bars? What did you add to yours? Share below!


These lotion bars are made with coconut oil, shea or cocoa butter, and beeswax with menthol, arnica and essential oils added for a cooling and effective natural remedy for sore or tired muscles.


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