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This is a story of the Praying Mantis. Once there lived a vibrant mantis in a tall tree filled with orchids. He was so mesmerized by the vivid hues and sweet smell of the orchids that he desired to protect those beautiful flowers.

One day, some fruit flies found the orchids and feasted on the orchid’s soft tissues. The mantis chased one of the fruit flies, but the fruit fly flew quickly. Then, he chased another one, but this one soared far off his reach.

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The pollinator insects witnessed the praying mantis’s futile attempts to safeguard the orchids. “Tch! Mantis, you fly so slow!” the fast-flying bee scorned him. “Hahaha!! Mantis, you fly very low…” the high-flying butterfly mocked him. When the fruit flies were satisfied, they left many torn-off orchids.

The mantis became gloomy as he saw his beloved orchids destroyed. He climbed down the tall tree, isolated himself under the rocks, and wept for days until he got tired of weeping and started to pray. He prayed and prayed for more days until one day, he became absolutely calm and peaceful.

The next morning, an injured spider went to the praying mantis under the rocks. “There’s a bird causing havoc to the insects and orchids atop! Help!!!” the spider pleaded with him. Soon, various orchid petals fell from the top of the tree. The praying mantis looked above and saw a shadowy figure of a bird flying frantically near the orchids. He climbed to the top of the tree until he reached the orchids. There, he saw a hummingbird defeating the bee and the butterfly while destroying the orchids in the process.

The hummingbird was flapping its wings at a terrifying speed. The praying mantis remained calm and steady, however. He slowly crept toward the hummingbird without getting noticed. Once he got in front of the hummingbird, he remained perfectly still in a praying position.

The hummingbird buzzed and flapped while being distracted by the vivid, sweet-smelling orchids. Then, in a blink of an eye, the praying mantis struck the hummingbird and utterly defeated it. The pollinator insects were astonished by the praying mantis’ strength. They rejoiced and celebrated him as the savior and protector of the orchids.

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The praying mantis showed us the power of stillness and focus. If you concentrate and work on your goals un-deviated, surely, you will overcome big challenges and ultimately, you will achieve your goals—your prayers will come true!


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