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Top 10 Short Christmas Stories For Kids


Christmas is a time of joy, warmth, and family gatherings. One of the cherished traditions during this festive season is reading classic Christmas stories to children. These stories not only transport young readers to magical worlds but also instill valuable lessons about kindness, generosity, and the true meaning of Christmas.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 short Christmas stories that have stood the test of time and continue to captivate the hearts of kids and adults alike.

Top 10 Short Christmas Stories For Kids

1. Story Of Santa Claus

Laughing Valley was a place where there were no sad people. On one side of the valley, there were five caves of daemons and on the other side, there was a massive Santa’s castle. The first cave was of the Daemon of Selfishness, then came the cave of Daemon Envy next was the cave of Daemon hatred, then the cave of Daemon Malice, and finally the cave of Daemon Repentance. They wanted to lure Santa into their caves, where he would get lost in the dark mazes of their caves and would trip and fall to his death. All of them tried one by one but Santa didn’t pay much attention. He knew their wicked plan.

christmas stories for kids

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The daemons were aware that they couldn’t touch Santa as long as he was in the valley. On Christmas Eve when Santa was out of his valley to distribute gifts, they kidnapped Santa and tied him up. Peter the Knook, Nutter the Ryl, Kilter the Pixie, and Wisk a small fairy were quite useful when it came to distributing presents on Christmas Eve. They had been sleeping soundly underneath the seat when Santa had been taken away. Off they went and distributed the gifts to the children. They made a few mistakes.

Soon, The Daemon of Repentance realized his wrongdoings and helped Santa to get escaped. Meanwhile, an army from Santa’s castle came to rescue their dear master from the evil Daemons. As they saw Santa, the little creatures surrounded him and danced around him happily. When the fairy told Santa about the unhappiness he had found in the children that morning. Santa immediately corrected the mistake. Read the full story here.

2. A Christmas Carol Summary

This is a story of a miser, Mr. Scrooge who was a very cunning and money-minded man. It was Christmas Eve and everybody was wishing each other, ‘Merry Christmas!’ but Scrooge just sat inside his home all alone. Suddenly, the ghost of the Past appeared and showed him how lonely he was when he was a child. His parents left him all alone. He was always alone every Christmas. Then, he disappeared.

The ghost of Present appeared and made him realize how happy a poor family was when it was time for Christmas. They didn’t have enough food to eat but they were still very happy. Next, the ghost of the Future appeared. The ghost of the Future took him to Scrooge’s funeral where everyone was criticizing him. The ghost of the Future made him realize that he didn’t care about anyone except for himself and then disappeared.

Finally, Scrooge decided to change his future. He invited everyone to a Christmas party at his house. Each one of them was in shock. That night, everyone went to the greatest Christmas party ever. Since then, Scrooge became the most loved man in town. Get a Free Printable version of this story here.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

3. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Story

This is the story of Rudolph who had a big, bright red nose, unlike other reindeer. Everyone made fun of him. One day, Rudolph went to Santa and asked him to assign some work to him but he was too small for that. Hearing this the other reindeer made fun of him and said that the children would scream if they saw his bright red nose glowing. Rudolph hid his unique nose in shame and walked back to his home.

Just before one hour when Santa was about to leave, a huge snowstorm hit, and the sky became very dark. He was afraid that he couldn’t deliver the Christmas gifts to the children in such bad weather. Suddenly, Santa remembered Rudolph and his big, bright red nose. Rudolph was happy to help. The brave little Rudolph took them on that dark night through the harsh wind and thick fog. As a team, all the reindeer tried their best to fly faster.

As the sun rose and the fog began to melt away, Santa had already delivered all the Christmas toys to children all over the world. Santa presented Rudolph with the Medal of Honor for his bravery. He became the youngest and bravest reindeer to ever join Santa’s sleigh team. From then on, everybody loved Rudolph. The other reindeer never laughed at him. Get a Free Printable version of this story here.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer story

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer story

4. The Little Match Girl Story

This is the story of a poor little girl who lived with her father. Her father used to send her to the streets to sell the matchsticks. It was New Year’s Eve and it was terribly cold out there. The Match Girl was noticed by no one and so she couldn’t sell the matches that day. She was afraid that if she would go home, her father would beat her. She used to miss her mother and grandmother who were now in Heaven.

It was so cold that she finally, dared to light a match and made herself warm. Soon, the match turned into a fireplace and she made herself warm. But it didn’t last for long. Without thinking, she lit the second match. This time, the wall turned into a veil and she could see a dining room with lots of delicious food. But in a couple of seconds, it vanished. When she lit the third match, a beautiful Christmas Tree appeared. It had many beautiful candles. She wanted to hold the candles. But as she reached, the candles flew to the sky and turned into stars. Next, when she lit the match, she saw her grandmother whom she loved the most. One by one, she struck the whole bundle of matches as she didn’t want her grandmother to go away.

The next day, it was the New Year. The match girl was sitting in the corner with red cheeks and a smiling face. The people there thought she was trying to keep herself warm last night. But no one knew the magic moments she spent last night. Read the full story here.

The Little Match Girl Story

The Little Match Girl Story

5. The Elves And The Shoemaker Story

This is the story of a shoemaker who was very poor as nobody bought his shoes anymore. He lived with his wife. Now, he had cloth left with just one last pair of shoes. He left the cloth on the table and thought of stitching the shoe the next day. That night, four elves came to help the kind man. Till the morning, they have made the best pair of shoes and flew away.

In the morning, the shoemaker and his wife were amazed to see the pretty shoes. Soon, a merchant saw them and bought them immediately. With that money, the shoemaker bought the cloth for two pairs of shoes and kept them on the table. Before morning, they made two pairs of shoes that were s pretty as the previous ones. The shoemaker wanted to thank them for their kindness. And so, they decided to stay awake that night.

To their surprise, they saw four elves who were stitching the shoes very quickly. The couple decided to gift them something in return. So, they stitched the best clothes including the cutest shoes for the elves, and left them on the table the next night. The elves were very happy to see new clothes and they soon flew out never to be seen again. Read the full story here.

The Elves And The Shoemaker Story

The Elves And The Shoemaker Story

6. Santa’s Christmas

Everywhere there was a celebration of Christmas. But, this year, Santa had fallen ill. He was worried about the children if they didn’t receive Christmas gifts. He was lying on his bed when suddenly, he heard some noise. His reindeer were carrying a long train of sleds carrying little children. They came one by one with many gifts for Santa. All of them had come because they knew Papa Santa was ill. There was a teddy bear, quilt, cookies, pies, socks, mittens, books, jigsaw puzzles, and even a small Christmas tree.

Santa loved all the presents given by the children. The children had shown their love and kindness towards Papa Santa. Santa gave each of them a big, warm hug and said, “Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!” Read the full story here.

7. Twas The Night Before Christmas Story

This is the story of how Santa comes quietly on Christmas Eve. One night before Christmas, while Mamma and Baby are fast asleep, Papa awakens to noises outside his house. Looking out the window, he sees Santa Claus in the sleigh pulled by eight reindeer. After landing his sleigh on the roof, Santa enters the house through the chimney, carrying a sack of toys with him. Papa watches Santa filling the children’s Christmas stockings and laughs to himself. Then, Santa bounds up the chimney again. As he flies away, Santa wishes everyone a ” Merry Christmas and Good Night!” Read the full story here.

christmas stories for kids

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8. The Little Christmas Tree

This is the story of a little fir tree who was ashamed of its height and size. One day, all the big trees were chopped down to build the ships. He also wanted to be used to build the ships but he was too small. Months later, a sparrow came and told him that the big trees would be decorated for Christmas. The little fir tree wanted to get decorated too. On Christmas Eve, finally, the little fir tree was cut down and taken to the house. He was decorated with candles, colored apples, toys, little baskets of candy, and a gold star on the top. The children loved the tree.

The next morning, he was taken to the storeroom. He was sad and lonely once again. There, he saw some mice but they were mean. After some time, he was no more pretty. But then, a little boy came and took him to the forest. The little fir tree was replanted. He was so happy to be back in the forest with the other trees. Each and every year, the family dug him up again and decorate it with great vigor. Read the full story here.

9. Nutcracker Story

This is a story about Nutcracker who was a very ugly-looking toy. Uncle Peter got a funny-looking Nutcracker toy for Marie as her gift. Marie put the nutcracker in the cabinet carefully. That night, Marie woke up to some strange noise. She saw a bunch of mice and a mouse queen with seven heads. Just then, the nutcracker drew his sword, and the toy soldiers rushed after him, shooting their guns and sugar canons. The Nutcracker soon became surrounded by mice. Marie somehow saved him and then she fainted.

She woke up and told the whole story but no one would believe it. But Uncle Peter believed and told her that the queen mouse who cast an ugly spell on the princess a long time ago. The princess could only reverse the spell if she could break open the hardest nutshell. And that’s where The Nutcracker Prince came in. She became beautiful again. However, the spell transferred to the prince and made him ugly instead. But, the mean Princess left him. The next morning, there was a knock at the door. It was Nutcracker Prince whom Marie’s love had changed into the Pince. They married each other and became the Prince and Princess of Toyland. Read the full story here.

christmas stories for kids

Christmas stories for kids Image Source @goodreads.com

10. Harry- The Happy Snowman

This is a story about Harry, the snowman who ran away from Santa’s village five days before Christmas Eve. Donder, one of the reindeer came to Santa and told this news. Santa ordered Donder to alert elves and began a search whilst he headed back to his sleigh. Soon, he found Harry walking alone and heading away from Santa’s village. As Harry looked at Santa, he broke down. Harry thought that he was worthless and started to cry.

Santa hugged him and told him that he was very special. He ordered Rudolph to take them t the skies. Santa showed Harry millions of Snowmen all built by children, having fun with the help of their family and friends. Also, Santa told him that without him, Christmas would be incomplete. Now, Harry became happy. They then went back to Santa’s village. There, everyone welcomed Harry which made him even happier. Read the full story here.

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