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The Wedding Proposal – Aesop’s Fable


This story is also called Lion in Love.

A farmer had a beautiful young daughter. One day a lion saw her and wanted so badly to marry her. The lion went to meet the farmer and said “Uncle, I came here to tell you something very important. Well. you know I am the king of the jungle. Every other animal is afraid of me and they hide when I am coming. So don’t you like to make someone like me your son-in-law?”

The farmer who was trembling with fear felt slightly released after hearing this.”Why not? I would like to. But I do not understand well what you are meaning.” said the farmer. “Ok. Ok, I will make it easy for you. I like to marry your daughter. The farmer was terrified again after hearing this.

“How can I give my daughter to such a wild animal?” He thought. But if he said that to the lion, it would get angry and kill him. So he told the lion,” It is a good thing to hear. I like to let you marry her if she likes. But it is not such an easy thing. Yours and our customs are very different.”

“It’s all right. It’s alright.” Said the lion willing to do anything to marry her. So the farmer sends the lion back to the jungle saying he would ask his daughter about the marriage and told the lion to come back the next week.

After that, the farmer thought and thought and thought about how to get rid of the lion. At last, he came up with a solution.

Lion came back next week. “So uncle, What did your daughter say about my proposal ?”

“She was so happy to hear about it. She likes to marry you.” Replied the farmer. But there is a little problem. She is so afraid of your claws and fangs. So she said that she would marry you if only you get rid of those scary claws and fangs.”

Lion was really confused. He had kept those fangs and claws very carefully since childhood. But he didn’t want to lose the chance to marry the farmer’s daughter. “Ok. Tell her I like her request.” Replied the lion at last.

So the following day lion came again. The farmer looked at the lion’s paws and mouth. Both its claws and fangs were not to be seen. He was so happy. Without those deadly fangs and claws lion was a harmless animal just like a cow.

“So, I did what I promised. Now it is your chance to do what you pro…” Lion even couldn’t finish its words. The farmer took a big staff and began to hit the lion. ” Why you idiot lion thought I will give my daughter to such a beast like you? I will finish you today. The lion was unable to do anything against the farmer and ran away to the jungle.


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