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15 Pros and Cons of Living in Bangkok


So far, in all of my travels, I can say with ease that living in Bangkok is one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had – and I mean that in the best way possible. The city is truly “alive.” It’s loud and bustling, but there are also tranquil parks and scenic views. It’s huge in size and intensity, but in a way, it feels like a big community.

There are so many pros of living in Bangkok, including the cost of living, delicious food, and an active lifestyle. However, cons always need to be considered – and I’ve listed both below.

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Bangkok


I lived in Bangkok on and off for over two years. Every time I stayed there, I would discover something new or overcome a hurdle. It was always an adventure – regardless of the ups and downs.

I’ve created this list of pros and cons of living in Bangkok based on my own personal experience, extensive research, and speaking with other travelers and digital nomads.

Pros of Living in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city unlike any other and there are some seriously great perks to living there. Here are the top pros of living in Bangkok.

1. Appealing Cost of Living


One of the top advantages of living in Bangkok is definitely the cost of living. You can snag a comfortable one-bedroom apartment in a decent area for as low as $400-$600 a month, and street food like Pad Thai or Som Tam will set you back only a couple of dollars; eating out is almost just as cheap as cooking at home.

Local markets offer fresh produce and goods at low prices, allowing you to live comfortably without breaking the bank. And transportation, like the train or tuk-tuks, can get you across town for just a few bucks.

2. Digital Nomad-Friendly

coworking space digital nomad

Bangkok is a haven for digital nomads, thanks to its vibrant coworking scene. Spaces like The Hive Thonglor and Hubba offer not just a desk, but a community, with prices starting at around $100 a month.

Bangkok coworking spaces are great spots to network and find your tribe and often host events and workshops to help you expand your skills and business. What I loved most about all the coworking spots, is that you can find one based on your mood – different venues range from quiet to lively.

3. Tons of Culture

Grand Palace bangkok

The cultural experiences in Bangkok are endless and all of them offer great ways to learn about the strong local traditions. From exploring the incredible awe of the Grand Palace to getting lost in the sprawling Chatuchak Weekend Market, there are so many things to do, and limitless ways to immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Traditional festivals like Songkran (Thai New Year) can provide a much-needed break from work and let you see the “wild side” of the country. Not only do these cultural excursions enhance your living experience, but they also provide endless content and inspiration for your blog!

4. Hub for Travel

airasia bangkok

A seriously major benefit of living in Bangkok is its position as a travel hub in Southeast Asia. Budget airlines such as AirAsia offer cheap flights to destinations including Bali, Singapore, or Hanoi, making weekend getaways both easy and affordable.

I absolutely loved being able to hop on a flight and quickly be in Chiang Mai or Phuket – or even Malaysia or the Philippines. The city has well-connected airport and bus terminals, which make land travel to nearby areas super convenient and easy on the wallet.

5. Delicious Food Scene

bangkok street food noodles

Bangkok’s food scene is legendary and offers everything from street food gems to Michelin-starred dining experiences. You can enjoy a world-class meal at Gaggan Anand for an unforgettable experience, or dig into a delicious bowl of boat noodles from a street stall for less than a dollar.

The variety and quality of food available are unmatched, making it a paradise for food-loving digital nomads. Not to mention, the city’s cafes and eateries are perfect for working outside of your usual environment, offering delicious coffee and snacks to keep you fueled.

community friends meet up

Bangkok’s expat community is extremely welcoming, and thousands of people have chosen the city as “home“, making it a breeze to find friends and network during your stay. There are countless expat groups and meetups, such as Bangkok Digital Nomads or various language exchange meetups, which can help you settle in and find “your people” quickly.

This support network was invaluable to me while in Bangkok, especially at first when I was just starting to figure out how to get settled. The connections are also great for finding tips and advice for food, accommodations, visa questions, and so much more.

7. Tropical Climate

laptop poolside digital nomad

If you’re tired of cold winters, Bangkok’s warm climate is a place to kiss snow and freezing temperatures goodbye. The city enjoys figures ranging from 77-95 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, allowing you to work from a poolside cafe in the middle of winter – it’s pretty great.

Just remember to stay hydrated and prepare for heavy rainy seasons. During the hotter months, you can expect temperatures in the 90s; but thankfully, there are plenty of places with cold A/C.

8. Healthcare and Medical Tourism

medical care

Bangkok is renowned for its quality healthcare services, which is a huge plus for digital nomads. Hospitals like Bumrungrad International offer world-class healthcare at a fraction of Western prices, and many doctors are fluent in English.

Simple things like dental visits, teeth cleaning, or regular check-ups are simple and easy to do. You can even look into international health insurance options which cover you in case of any major emergencies.

9. Overall Safety

solo travel

Bangkok is generally a safe city, especially in neighborhoods that are popular among expats and digital nomads. Just by using your common sense, you can stay safe during your time in Bangkok. I never once felt uncomfortable during any of my visits; just take the usual precautions such as avoiding flashing valuables and walking alone in dimly lit and unfamiliar areas.

The presence of local Thai tourist police in popular places is always reassuring, and many hot spots have security in place. Keep an eye out, however, for common tourist scams and pickpocketing, which can be common in high-traffic areas.

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10. Tons of Stuff to Do

Lumphini Park Bangkok

The sheer variety of entertainment and relaxing activities in Bangkok will guarantee you’ll never be bored. Whether you’re into the club scene at RCA (Royal City Avenue), shopping in mega-malls like Siam Paragon, or enjoying the tranquility of Lumphini Park, there’s something for every mood.

Having this variety is so nice because it makes your downtime just as fulfilling as your work time, keeping that precious balance between work and play. Not to mention, Bangkok’s art galleries, museums, and theaters offer cultural experiences for those looking to explore the city’s artistic side.

Cons of Living in Bangkok

Of course, no place is perfect. Living in Bangkok can certainly come with its frustrations and struggles. These are the most commonly talked-about cons of living in Bangkok.

1. Intense Humidity and Heat

air conditioning

One of the major disadvantages of living in Bangkok is the relentless heat and humidity during the hot summer months. Stepping out of your air-conditioned room can feel like walking straight into a sauna, especially during the peak of summer when temperatures can soar above 95°F.

The humidity during this time only intensifies things, often leading to a constant state of discomfort and sweatiness unless you’re indoors. You should have seen my hair during the summer… frizzy, huge, and completely helpless.

2. Lots of Traffic

bangkok tuk tuk

Bangkok’s traffic is some of the worst in the world and can be a big downside to living in the city. Even a short journey can turn into a lengthy ordeal, especially during rush hour when the streets are absolutely jam-packed with cars and motorbikes.

Traffic can be frustrating for digital nomads who need to move around the city for meetings or work sessions because it can literally take hours. I once sat in Bangkok traffic for 3 hours to go less than 10 miles. Stick to the trains or tuk-tuks!

3. Air Quality and Pollution

Bangkok smog

Another downside of living in Bangkok is the air quality, which can become pretty brutal during certain times of the year. The pollution levels, due to traffic and agricultural burning, can pose health risks, especially if you have respiratory issues, and it can also cast a thick haze around the city. When the air is bad, you really don’t want to be outside at all.

4. Language and Communication Barrier

thai language

Although Bangkok is a massive, cosmopolitan city, the language barrier can still be a challenge. Not everyone speaks English, especially outside the main tourist areas, which can make simple tasks such as ordering food or asking for directions more complicated.

Try and keep your translation app handy whenever you can, and I always found that a game of charades with a smile was always super helpful.

5. Cultural Awareness

bangkok culture

Adapting to the local culture and social norms can be a challenge for some people who move to Bangkok. Thai culture is one that deeply emphasizes respect, politeness, and “saving face”, which can be quite different from what you may be used to in a Western culture.

Misunderstanding these cultural nuances can lead to awkward situations or cause unintentional offense, which can be seriously embarrassing – or even illegal. Do some research and remember to always respecfully cover yourself in religious temples and grounds.

Is Living in Bangkok Worth It?

While living in Bangkok does have its challenges, like the sweltering heat and notorious traffic, the city’s vibrant culture, affordable living costs, and dynamic expat community outweigh these downsides for many digital nomads – including myself. It’s all about what you make of it and how well you adapt to and embrace the local lifestyle.

If you can handle the heat and navigate the cultural differences, Bangkok offers an exciting, diverse, and enriching experience that could be just the right fit for your nomadic life. So, weigh the pros and cons, but don’t let the small stuff deter you from the adventure that awaits in the heart of Southeast Asia in this glorious city.


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