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KIRK BUDHOORAM: Scuffle | 50-Word Stories


Sam’s suspicion shocked Sonia. She said she simply scrubbed Selbert’s striped, stained, soiled, soon-shameful salmon shirt. Suddenly, Sam surprised Sonia, shoving Selbert sideways, scattering silver spoons, salad, soursop, sandwiches, serviettes. Selbert shoved Sam. Sam struck, swept, subdued Selbert. Sonia screamed. Surprisingly, Sam shook Selbert senseless. Selbert surrendered. Sonia simply smiled.

Kirk Budhooram has an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) with High Commendation. His new book The Underwater Tunnel and Other Stories is now on sale. He lives happily with his wife who is also a writer, filmmaker, and artist. Follow them on TikTok.


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