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A Complete Guide to Visiting Alanya Castle


Alanya Castle sits high on a rock, overseeing the sea and the sky. It’s an ancient place filled with history, culture, and beauty.

If you want to explore Turkey’s past and enjoy breathtaking views in Alanya, you should visit this special spot.

Alanya Castle isn’t just old walls and ruins; it’s a living story of ancient times like Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine. It stands 250 meters above the sea, shows Alanya’s history as a blend of cultures, and is a serene spot by the Mediterranean.

You need to know its history to understand why Alanya Castle is remarkable. Constructed long before the birth of Jesus, it witnessed empires rise and fall. It’s like a time machine, and when you’re there, you can almost sense the past – the battles, the trades, and everything that shaped Alanya.

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Alanya Castle, Alayna, Turkey
Alanya Castle, Alayna, Turkey

How to Get to Alanya Castle

The castle is right in the heart of Alanya, so you can walk, drive, or take a cable car called ‘Teleferik’ for breathtaking views. Regardless of how you arrive, the journey itself is part of the experience, revealing both the old and the new Alanya.

If you’re up for a challenge, hiking up is an adventure. You trek the ancient trading post, ascend the hill, and pause to smell laurel and rosemary. You also enjoy captivating views of the town.

Join This Alanya City Tour & Cable Car Tour

Explore the heart of Alanya with an afternoon tour that promises a blend of adventure, history, and natural beauty.

It begins with a visit to Cleopatra Beach, known for its clear waters and sandy shores, providing a natural starting point for exploring Alanya’s coastal beauty.

The tour includes a cable car ride that transports visitors to Alanya Castle. This ride offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and serves as a unique way to approach the castle’s historical site.

At Alanya Castle, visitors are guided through the site’s history, exploring its architecture and its strategic role from the 13th century onwards. The tour emphasizes educational insights into the castle’s past and its significance in the region’s development.

The excursion concludes with a visit to Damlatas Cave, known for its stalactites and stalagmites. This natural wonder adds a geological dimension to the tour, highlighting the area’s natural history and cultural heritage.


Book the tour here.

Cable Car and the View of the Cleopatra Beach from the Hill in Alanya
Cable Car and the View of the Cleopatra Beach from the Hill in Alanya

What to Expect When Visiting Alanya Castle

As you pass through the ancient gates, you begin on a journey, not just a casual stroll. The castle has much to discover – from the grand Red Tower to the impressive Byzantine Church. Each section tells a part of Alanya’s rich history.

Some spots are unmissable. The IC Kale, or Inner Castle, is like a castle within a castle. It features fascinating elements like cisterns and a dungeon. The Ehmedek part offers stunning views of the harbor, and the keep allows you to survey the entire castle and the town below.

Alanya Castle Dungeon
A Complete Guide to Visiting Alanya Castle

Guided Tours

While solo exploration is an option, guides provide deeper insights into the castle’s history. They lead you through places like the Red Tower and Aladdin’s Tower, sharing tales of pirates and sultans.


For those who enjoy interactive experiences, there are demonstrations of ancient crafts and even weapon-making. You can also observe the traditional Turkish coffee brewing process. It’s like stepping into the past.

Turkish Coffee
A Complete Guide to Visiting Alanya Castle

Is Alanya Castle Free?

The larger area of Alanya Castle is open to visitors free of charge, allowing you to enjoy the sweeping views and the ambiance of this historic site without an entrance fee. However, you must purchase tickets if you wish to delve deeper into the history and explore specific parts of the castle complex, such as the Inner Fortress and Ehmedek Castle.

These areas house significant historical structures and offer a more detailed look into the past, making them worth the extra cost for those interested in the rich heritage of Alanya.

Remember to check for the most current ticket prices and opening hours before your visit to ensure a smooth experience.

Nearby Attractions: More Alanya Delights

experiences just a stone’s throw away. Cleopatra Beach, with its shimmering golden sands and crystal-clear waters, is more than just a beach—it’s a slice of paradise. Legend has it that the beach was a romantic gift from Mark Antony to Cleopatra, adding a touch of historical romance to its natural beauty. It’s the perfect spot for sunbathers and water enthusiasts alike to soak up the Mediterranean sun in style.

Not far from the bustling beach scene, the Damlatas Cave awaits to enchant visitors with its cool, serene atmosphere and stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Discovered in 1948, this geological marvel is a feast for the eyes and offers therapeutic benefits for those with respiratory issues. It’s a magical escape into nature’s underground art gallery.

The vibrant heart of Alanya beats in its local markets, brimming with colorful stalls that showcase the finest handmade crafts, textiles, and culinary delights. These markets are a paradise for shoppers and culture seekers, offering a chance to dive into the local way of life and find unique treasures. From dazzling jewelry and hand-painted ceramics to aromatic spices and sweet Turkish delights, every corner holds a new discovery.

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Kleopatra Beach, Alanya
Kleopatra Beach, Alanya

Tips for Enhancing Your Experience at Alanya Castle

To maximize your visit, go early morning or late afternoon for stunning photos. Plan to spend at least half a day exploring, wear comfortable shoes, use sun protection, and bring water. And, of course, don’t forget your camera!

This guide includes everything about Alanya Castle, preparing you for an incredible time in one of Turkey’s finest locations. Remember, the stones hold stories, but you bring history to life. Enjoy the journey, dive into the past, and find inspiration at Alanya Castle.

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