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7 Affordable Brunches in Barcelona


Indulging in delicious brunches in Barcelona shouldn’t break the bank. Barcelona is a lively city with many great places to enjoy brunch without breaking your budget. You can find cozy cafés and hidden gems that offer delicious food without being too expensive.

Imagine sitting in a nice little cafe, enjoying poached eggs and fresh pastries in the sunlight. Barcelona’s cafés create a warm atmosphere for a relaxed and affordable brunch. Whether you like Spanish tapas or Mediterranean-inspired treats, these hidden gems won’t disappoint, and they’re friendly to your wallet.

Let’s explore affordable brunches in Barcelona without spending too much money.

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Where To Go For Brunches in Barcelona

Barcelona’s brunch scene offers a mix of traditional Catalan flavors and international twists. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor wanting to try Barcelona’s food, you can enjoy diverse and budget-friendly brunch options here.

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Little Fern

Little Fern, nestled in Poblenou, exudes a relaxed vibe while serving up delicious breakfast and lunch with a unique New Zealand twist. It is the ideal pit stop when exploring the city and hunger strikes. For under 10€, you can indulge in tempting options like a delightful granola bowl, mouthwatering Turkish eggs, or a satisfying breakfast bun.

Additionally, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, they’ve got you covered with a variety of baked goods priced below 5€.

The menu has not only reasonable prices but also dishes created from top-quality ingredients, ensuring that you can stay energized throughout the whole day. 

Location: C/ de Pere IV, 168, Sant Martí, 08005 Barcelona

Brunches in Barcelona at Little Fern


In the heart of Barcelona, Bohl stands out as a haven for wholesome dining, dedicated to crafting nutritious bowls packed with energy to fuel your entire day. They focus on offering balanced, nourishing options, all without straining your wallet.

Here, you can experience a revitalizing start to your day for under 10€, with an array of amazing choices including delightful smoothie bowls, nourishing porridge bowls, and a diverse selection of toasts.

Catering to various dietary preferences with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices, Bohl emerges as an unquestionable must-visit spot. Offering reasonably priced food, it’s the perfect place for those seeking a healthy yet affordable brunch experience. 

Location: C/ de Trafalgar, 47, L’Eixample, 08010 Barcelona

Brunch at Bohl in Barcelona, Spain

The Coffee House

The Coffee House is a cozy café, which not only serves delectable food, but does so at an appealing price point. It is a haven for budget-conscious diners as they offer a ‘combo deal’ which involves choosing one of their combo dishes, which is then accompanied by a coffee of your choice and an orange juice. This ‘combo deal’ is a great option for those trying to limit their spending as the most affordable one is priced at just 7.50€, and even opting for the priciest combo deal won’t exceed €12.50.

Should you not fancy the combo deal, their menu boasts an array of other enticing options including bagels, sandwiches, salads and nourishing bowls, all priced under 10€. At The Coffee House, you are promised a delightful selection of brunch options without having to worry about the price.

Location: C/ de València, 143, L’Eixample, 08011 Barcelona

Brunches at The Coffee House in Barcelona, Spain

Lulu and Flynn

Boasting two thriving locations in Barcelona, this establishment’s quality is undeniable! Committed to supporting local businesses and spreading joy through their delightful food and beverages, it’s definitely a gem worth exploring.

The beauty of this place lies in their menu, which is predominantly priced below €10, allowing you to thoroughly indulge in a diverse array of breakfast bowls and toasties without worrying about the effects this will have on your bank account.

Location: Pg. de St. Joan, 46, L’Eixample, 08010 Barcelona

Lulu and Flynn in Barcelona, Spain

Honest Greens

Honest Greens emerged due to the owners’ frustration with being unable to find affordable yet wholesome food options when travelling. Their core philosophy revolves around supporting local businesses and offering unprocessed, genuine food to visitors. Here, you are guaranteed real value for your money.

Their menu features many items priced under 10€, including a standout choice where you pick your preferred protein served with salad and bread – a fulfilling meal packed with essential nutrients. Furthermore, they also offer a diverse array of salads which cater to various dietary needs, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Location: numerous locations in Barcelona

Honest Greens brunch in Barcelona, Spain

Coco House 

Nestled in Barceloneta, Coco House stands as an enchanting coffee haven. Their mission revolves around fostering positivity and cultivating an inviting ambiance where everyone can relish scrumptious meals and unwind wholeheartedly.

Here, a delightful brunch awaits, featuring a variety of options – avocado on toast, bagels, pancakes, açai bowls, and porridge bowls – all priced under 10€. The extensive array of offerings coupled with affordable prices makes Coco House a standout destination well deserved of a visit.

Location: C/ de Meer, 52, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona

Coco House for bruches in Barcelona, Spain

Eat My Trip

Eat My Trip is renowned for its fantastic brunch options, showcasing a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. With prices below 10€, their menu highlights tempting selections such as the superfood breakfast, guacamole toast, Canadian pancakes, and açai bowls.

Alongside these, specialty coffees, sensation smoothies, fresh juices, and a collection of wholesome sweet treats and baked goods await you, making it a truly remarkable destination!

Location: C/ del Consell de Cent, 378, L’Eixample, 08009 Barcelona

Eat My Trip in Barcelona, Spain

So, next time you’re out exploring the city and hunger hits, keep in mind these top spots for satisfying and budget-friendly brunches in Barcelona! These places will be sure to keep you fueled for the day, without emptying your wallet.

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