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COLEMAN BIGELOW: Lunch at the Club


We watched him come in his moth-eaten sweater and soiled khakis. A yellowing bucket hat framed his liver-spotted face. As he passed our table, we tried not to stare. After he stuffed his sail-bag into a nearby locker, Sylvie whispered: “Hard to believe he’s the richest man on the island.”

Coleman Bigelow is a Pushcart Prize- and Best MicroFiction-nominated author whose work has appeared recently in Bending Genres, Emerge Journal, Hyacinth Review, and The Dribble Drabble Review. His first chapbook “In Rare Cases and Other Unfortunate Circumstances” was published in May. Find more at: www.colemanbigelow.com or follow him on Twitter: @ColemanBigelow and Instagram: @cbigswrites.


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