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These Are The 6 Safest Cities in Mexico for Digital Nomads


6 Safest Cities in Mexico for Digital Nomads

Mexico is a popular travel destination for so many reasons. The culture is vibrant, the geography is beautifully diverse, and the cost of living is relatively affordable compared to most Western countries. It’s also a massive country with many cities and regions to explore – but which one is safest for digital nomads?

These are the six safest cities for digital nomads; based on my experience of spending time in Mexico for months at a time, talking with fellow online workers, and multiple crime and safety reviews.

1. Sayulita

sayulita beach with palm trees in mexico

Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Sayulita is a charming beach town with a relaxed, laidback vibe. Expect a slower pace of life with a vibrant arts culture.

The number one draw to Sayulita is the white sand beaches and pristine turquoise waters. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a morning dip in the ocean before opening up the laptop?

You’ll find a community of artists, musicians, surfers, and travelers, making it an ideal place for meeting other digital nomads and networking with people from around the world. The city is lined with colorful buildings, unique art galleries, and lots of delicious food.

Popular amongst digital nomads, the city’s crime rate is low, there are plenty of cafes and workspaces with fast WiFi, and the cost of living is lower than in bigger cities in Mexico, like neighboring Puerto Vallarta.

2. Merida

things to do in merida mexico

Merida is one of the most underrated cities in Mexico, in my opinion. I posted up here for a few months and was completely blown away by its beauty and charm. It’s the capital city of the Yucatan and a quick 30-minute drive to the beach.

Make no mistake, this is a bustling city with fresh markets, gorgeous architecture, and tons of history, so it’s not quite as “chill” as other Mexican coastal towns. However, it offers infrastructure, amazing museums, and incredible food. Plus, it’s very safe. In fact, Merida was named the 2nd safest city in all of North America.

It’s a prime location for digital nomads thanks to the fast WiFi that can be found throughout the city, and accommodations are very affordable. During your days off work, you can explore the stunning cenotes and beaches within a short drive.

3. Mexico City

mexico city

Known as one of the biggest cultural epicenters in the world, Mexico City has so much to offer. If you’re a digital nomad who likes to jet set a lot, you might find Mexico City to be the perfect place for you to have a home base because it’s a huge international transit hub.

It’s also a great base for online workers because it’s extremely well-connected. Cafes, coworking spaces, and other WiFi-connected spots are everywhere throughout the city. You’ll also find plenty of workshops, events, and networking meet-ups as well.

Mexico City’s population is a whopping 8.8 million, and as with any major city of this size, there is always a risk of crime. Generally speaking, however, Mexico City is safe for digital nomads. Do your research and find out which area of the city most appeals to you.

4. San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristobal de las Casas

If you’re more of a small-town, mountain person, you’ll fall in love with San Cristobal de las Casas. Situated in the mountains of Chiapas, the quaint colonial town is lined with cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and a thriving arts culture.

One thing to keep in mind about living in San Cristobal de las Casas is that it can get quite chilly during the winter, so unlike many other popular Mexican destinations, you’ll want to pack a winter coat. But the culture is warm and inviting, wherever and whenever you go.

Chiapas is ranked the third safest city in Mexico according to the Peace Index by Vision of Humanity. So, you can let your guard down while roaming around the city. Of course, wherever you travel, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and practice common sense.

5. Playa del Carmen

playa del carmen best city in mexico for digital nomads

Also located on the Yucatan Peninsula, is the popular tourist destination of Playa del Carmen. I called Playa del Carmen home for nearly five months and never once felt unsafe – and I lived in a very locals-only type neighborhood called Colosio. Everyone was warm, friendly, and always welcoming.

This rapidly growing beach town is fantastic for digital nomads. The cost of living is low, there are cafes and coworking spaces everywhere, and it’s home to incredible beaches since it hugs the Caribbean Sea.

Playa del Carmen can become very crowded and busy during Christmas break and Semana Santa (Easter week). During these times, it’s important to be ultra-aware of tourist-targeted crimes such as pickpocketing, price scams, and druggings.

6. Guadalajara

Teatro Degallado attractions in guadalajara

Known as the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico, Guadalajara is very popular for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. The infrastructure is solid, and high-speed internet can be found everywhere throughout the city.

Guadalajara is the perfect blend of a cosmopolitan atmosphere mixed with history and rich culture. Despite it being a major city, the cost of living is lower in comparison to other big cities, like Mexico City.

Guadalajara’s crime rate is low; however, since it’s a major city, you’ll want to know what neighborhoods and areas to avoid. The city, overall, is quite safe for digital nomads.

In Conclusion

Mexico is a gorgeous and unique country with so much to offer – and, overall, it’s generally safe for digital nomads. From beach towns to mountain towns, bustling metropolises, and up-and-coming cities, Mexico has something for everyone.

I’ve always loved my time in Mexico and have personally never experienced a situation in which I felt unsafe. Be vigilant, stay up-to-date on travel alerts, and always be aware of your surroundings. Safe travels!


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