Home Stories HAZEL ANN LEE: White Lace Moon

HAZEL ANN LEE: White Lace Moon


overpowering the ebony night sky
an enormous, auric full moon
showing a bear, rabbit, fox then human face
my childhood wonder spoke
flimsy with pearly tendrils, empty spaces
daytime’s white-lace moon appears
no shiny, vibrant light to ease
love’s lost spirit
only a pale reminder
maybe I can love again

Hazel Ann Lee is a Black American author of works on science fiction and fantasy, education and science. Her poetry has appeared in 50-Word Stories, Star*LineUtopia and Frost Zone Zine. Her short story was also published in Frost Zone Zine. Her book of original science poems and science fiction short stories is titled The Astronaut’s Window: Collection of Poems and Short Stories Celebrating Nature.


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