Home Stories CHRISTA PLANKO: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

CHRISTA PLANKO: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


She studies her reflection like words on a page. Facial contours are bones structuring her story. Cosmetic tricks are literary devices that detract from flaws.

Realizing she is the creation, not the artist, she removes the embellishments. Her truth laid bare—every line, scar, and tear—she stands more beautiful.

Christa Planko, MA, is a professional writer with a passion for creative expression. She has had her poetry and short stories featured in several publications, including River Poets Journal, Tanka and Haiku Journal, Poetry Quarterly, and Every Day Fiction. Her story, “The Olde-Tyme Village,” won the 2021 WordCrafter Short Fiction Contest. Christa resides in South Jersey with her feline muses.


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