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NATALIE NEE: Fly Away | 50-Word Stories


A weathered dog sniffs a discarded cigarette, now only a filter. His stomach probably growls like mine. If I had any, I’d share my food with him.

Overhead, a plane roars. It’s metal glare temporarily blinds me from reality. For a few hopeful seconds, I imagine I’m flying away, too.

Natalie Nee is a bibliophile, graduate of Colorado State University, former ghostwriter, and latte enthusiast. Her debut novel, a domestic thriller, is currently out on submission. Natalie’s short story, “Saudade”, was published by the webzine, Across the Margin. Her other poems have been published by Roi Fainéant Press, Half and One, and other literary magazines. She’s cooler on Twitter (@WriterNatalieN).


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