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The 8 Best Vermuterias in Barcelona


When you are visiting Barcelona or any other Catalonian city, you will quickly notice that next to wine and beer, there is one drink that we don’t really find on a lot of menus in other European countries. The drink we are talking about is vermouth. It is a bittersweet drink that is loved by Catalans.

Its journey to Spain began in Italy, crossed France, and then, a long time later, made its way through Spain, where it has been one of the most famous drinks since then.

Speaking of one of the most famous things, one vermouth you might know is from the Martini brand. You can get it all around the world, but it’s not the only famous brand in Spain. Since it swapped over to Madrid, there were a lot of vermuterias that opened very quickly and also started to begin producing their own.

Until today, there are still a lot of vermuterias, especially in Catalonia. If you are around or spending your vacations in Barcelona and are interested in trying this special drink, then you are exactly in the right place. We have prepared a list of the top 8 vermuterias in Barcelona to visit!

8 of the best Vermuterias in Barcelona to visit

1. La Guapa y La Mala

We are beginning our journey at a place where two vermuterias come together. You can sit inside or outside, both in a wonderful, charming atmosphere. La Guapa (the beauty) and La Mala (the bad) sound very different, but they are two wonderful spaces that offer tapas and drinks. Bring your friends and enjoy the time together. Also, dogs are very welcome, as they are pet-friendly.

And what’s more inviting than knowing that everybody is accepted? You will find La Guapa y La Mala in the very young and open-minded neighbourhood of La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample.

So, if you are around and done for the day with sightseeing, why not take a typical Catalan apéritif here?

Location: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 146, bajos 1 & 2, 08011       

La Guapa y La Mala as a vermuterias in Barcelona

2. Morro fi

Next, we want to introduce the Morro Fi to you. With two venues in the Eixample neighbourhood and two in the Sarrià district, they offer great vermouth and tapas. They started their journey with a blog, which really quickly became the leader in vermouth recommendations in all of Barcelona.

They had a big impact on the vermouth culture. Now, there are four local restaurants in which you can sit and enjoy this traditional drink. The places are simple and not overly decorated, but they surely have their own charm. You can also find one in the L’Illa shopping centre. In every one of these, you will find vermouth of high quality. Maybe you’ll be near one of their establishments, so it will be perfect to take a break from the busy streets.

C/ del Consell de Cent, 171, 08015 Barcelona
C/ de Londres, 23, 08029 Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 557, 08029 Barcelona
Pg. de la Bonanova, 105, 08017 Barcelona

Vermouth in Barcelona

3. La Bodegueta de Cal Pep

A lovely little bodega that is famous for its old-fashioned style. The locals and many vermouth lovers value and appreciate this preserved concept. Here you can find a traditional vermouth cellar and traditional Catalan dishes. There are a variety of high quality vermouths they have put together over time that make you want to try them all!

The cellar is still in use for the production of vermouth. If you want to experience the old, traditional way of enjoying the drink, then you will be in good hands here. A visit to this bodega is truly one unique and exciting experience you won’t regret having made!

Location: Carrer de Canalejas, 12, 08028 Barcelona

Vermouth at La Bodegueta de Cal Pep in Barcelona

4. Vermuteria del Tano

This vermuteria is often described as an authentic bar to drink vermouth and is very famous among the locals that live in the Gràcia neighbourhood. You can choose between different vermouths; we especially recommend the homemade vermouth from Tano. A lot of guests come there only to drink their house vermouth!

The atmosphere is very familiar and homelike. The location is an old farmhouse, like the kind of place you love to visit more than once and that can rapidly become your home bar. That is why so many neighbours love to come around. The vermouth you get here is Perucchi, Spanish-produced, and sold in bulk. To enjoy the vermouth the most, you can order some delicious tapas and share them with your friends. Certainly, a wonderful bar to spend your evenings at.

Location: Carrer de Joan Blanques, 17, 08012 Barcelona

Vermouth at Vermuteria del Tano in Barcelona

5. V de Vermut

This vermuteria looks modern and has a stylish, young interior. It is perfectly suitable to enjoy a classic vermouth or, if you prefer, a vermouth-tonic mix. They offer seats inside and outside. The terrace is very famous and perfect for the summer. So, be quick to get a seat outside. You can get a lot of different drinks and food.

The bar is led by professional barkeepers who will mix you the perfect drink! It is a very hip bar and is loved by a young audience. This vermuteria offers something for everyone to be satisfied with!

Location: Carrer de Manso, 1, Local 2, 08015 Barcelona

Vermouth and snacks at V de Vermut

6. Espai Vermut

The next vermuteria on our list is located in El Clot. Therefore, the neighbours around really prefer this bar to have a drink. Espai Vermut is small on the inside but can convince with its terrace. It is a place where you like to spend hours of summer evenings enjoying a wonderful vermouth with tapas.

The house vermouth they offer only costs about 2€ a glass and needs to be tried.  Next to the drinks, they serve sandwiches, cakes, and, of course, tapas. The sandwiches are especially recommended by their customers. In short, a lovely, small place that not only sells good drinks and food but also let you feel the love they put into their work!

Location: C/ de Còrsega, 699, 08026 Barcelona

Vermouth in Barcelona in Spain

7. Bar Electricitat

Next, we’d like to introduce the Bar Electricitat, located right next to the beach in La Barceloneta. It is one of the most authentic vermuterias in the district. It opened its doors in 1908, which is why it is one of the oldest bars in the city. However, it is still very popular at this time!

The place is beautiful, with some elements of Catalonian architecture. If you ever wondered what a vermuteria in the 20th century looked like, you will not be disappointed when you enter this bar.

They offer their homemade vermouth to accompany the traditional tapas. As soon as you enter, you will get the vibe of the atmosphere, which is very cozy. Sometimes there is a band playing on the weekends, so it can take a while to find a seat. Once you get in, you might wonder if the barrels that decorate the place are full. And, yes! They are full of homemade vermouth, ready to get some mouthwatering!

Location: C. de Sant Carles, 15, 08003 Barcelona

Olives in a vermuterie in Barcelona

8. Vermut i a la Gàbia

Finally, the best homemade vermouth to drink in the Sants neighbourhood! You will find yourself at Plaça d’Osca and the customers that visit this bar regularly recommend their terrace to enjoy a vermouth drink! Vermut i a la Gàbia is claimed to be the best homemade vermouth in the whole Catalan capital. So, it is really worth a try!

The location outside makes it perfect to spend the hot summer nights in Barcelona and have yourself a tasty vermouth accompanied by some delicious dishes.  This casual bar invites you to spend hours and hours on the terrace together with your friends!

Location: Pl. d’Osca, 7, 08014 Barcelona

Vermouth in Barcelona, Spain

And there you have it! This is our list of the 8 best vermuterias in Barcelona to visit. We hope you enjoy visiting them and getting a taste of this traditional drink, loved by locals and tourists.

So, if you have some time to spare on your trip, why not try out some new bars? Also check out these beach bars in Barcelona, along with the coolest bars and cheapest bars!

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