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99 Travel Publications That Pay Up to $4,000 in 2023


Get paid to write with this epic directory of 99 travel websites (both online and in print). They pay travel writers up to $4,000 per article!

If you want to get paid to travel the world, why not get paid to write online? Traditionally, freelance travel writers have often had to scrape by on meager earnings while pitching gigs at magazines and newspapers.

But these days, anyone can get paid to write online.

Get Paid to Write: 99 Travel Publications

When I first started out freelance writing, I wrote for travel sites like WorldNomads and Travel Pulse. Later, I wrote and have been featured on many large sites like Business Insider, WiseBread and Forbes.

I’ve earned over $3,000 per month from a freelance writing side hustle. It’s one of my favourite travel jobs and it’s possible if you know where to look.

The editors of websites and magazines are no longer necessarily looking for a journalist degree or a lot of experience. They want to find people with real-life travel stories who can captivate an audience — and they’re happy to pay for that.

In this post, I’m going to list 99 (yes, ninety-nine) awesome websites and magazines that you can pitch your ideas to so that you can get paid to write online.

This directory is as up to date as possible and is separated into two categories: Websites and Magazines.

If you want to find companies and websites that pay you to write online, but you don’t like pitching, why not start your own blog? While we did enjoy freelance writing for a living, running this travel blog is much more lucrative than our freelance job ever was and we work half as much. We can teach you How To Start a Travel Blog, plus you’ll get our Beginner Blogger Video Course and our Beginner Blogger Ebook ($119 Value) for free.

Websites That Pay You to Write Online

This is where I’ve had the most experience in freelance writing in order to make money from home.

While I’ve written quite a bit about finance, tech and lifestyle, travel is my bread and butter and I’ve mostly been paid to write online on websites, although I have had some work in print.

Because there are so many travel websites and blogs out there that are always looking for submissions, it’s never been easier to get paid to write online. Don’t believe me? Check out my post about how to support your travels through freelance writing.

Get paid to write online
Working with friends at our villa in Bali – Doing our best to get paid to write online!

Because many of these opportunities have a mix of online magazines and in print magazines, it’s a bit hard to separate them into these two categories, but I’ve done so based on where you’re most likely to be published.

In this section (websites), your work will most likely be published online.

Transitions Abroad

  • Pay: $75 – $150 per 1,250 – 3,000 words

This was one of our very first online jobs in freelance writing. Transitions abroad is a travel website all about teaching people how to move to a new country. The editor here is a very smart and well-traveled guy named Greg. If you’re going to pitch, make sure you’re detailed and showing something unique and useful that you’ll be sharing.

Update 2023: As of 2022, Transitions Abroad is no longer accepting submissions as they revise their website. Be sure to check back for when they are accepting queries again.

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World Nomads

  • Pay: $0.50 cents / word (usually around $600 – $700 max per article)

World Nomads is a travel insurance company, but lately they’ve been putting together a lot of in-depth guides and they’ve really been working on their blog. There are a lot of submissions here, so be sure that your pitch is unique and very detailed. The pay is very good though and they often pay extra for use of your travel photos. If you want to get paid to write online, then this is a good option for sure.

Apply Now


  • Pay: $25 per 800-2000 word article

GoAbroad is one of the original travel blogs on the web and the editor here is a very busy man so be sure to wow him with your pitch. Typically if you want a link back to your blog (very valuable from such an established domain) you won’t get paid for the article. So you’ll have to choose.

Apply Now

In The Know Traveller

  • Pay: $10 per article per 350-500 word article with photos

This is an extremely low wage for an article of 500+ words, but it may be a good way to get your foot in the freelance door and start getting paid to write online. The website focuses on travel stories and personal travel experiences.

Apply Now


  • Pay: $50 / article with photos

This site is looking for writers to cover Natural History, Adventure, Native American & Southwest Arts & Crafts, Travel, History and Desert Lore. The pay isn’t great but they don’t specify how many words per article so it may be an okay deal.

Apply Now

Matador Network

  • Pay: $50 / article with photos

This is a massive travel website and the link alone back to your own travel blog will be worth its weight in gold, but they also pay a decent amount for articles. Look in their social media and on their home page for posts that have done particularly well in the past, and then pitch them a similar idea with your own spin/destination.

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Hidden Compass

  • Pay: $200 – $300 / Article

This literary travel magazine is only published online and they are always looking for true stories which “push the travel genre and delve into the spirit, culture, history, ecology, perils or residents of a place”. They want to steer away from click-bait type articles and instead produce useful, inspiring travel content on a daily basis.

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  • Pay: $50 / article with photos

Another old school and enormous travel domain, writing for BootsnAll is a great way to get your name out there and get paid to write online. They’re usually looking for long, independent travel pieces with tips on saving money, packing and other travel-related topics, but check their guidelines before pitching to get an idea of what they’re looking for.

Update 2023: At the moment there are no open calls for submissions, but check back regularly to see when they’re accepting articles again.

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Eat Your World

  • Pay: $50 – $500 / article

Eat Your World is a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe founded on the principle that what you eat depends on where you are. Check out their destination guides and if you have been to a destination that they haven’t covered there yet, pitch them a guide as they pay the highest (between $350 – $500).

Update 2023: According to their website, as of 2020 Eat Your World is no longer accepting “many” freelance contributions (implying they’re accepting some). They advise aspiring writers to check back in a few months.

Apply Now

GoMad Nomad

  • Pay: $25 / article (700 – 2,000 words)

GoMad Nomad Travel Mag is always looking for intrepid, independent and open-minded travelers to submit travel article ideas. If you wander the planet with curiosity and cultural sensitivity and have a talent for writing, and photography, send them a pitch. They won’t be your highest-paid freelance job, but they’ll add to your portfolio.

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Girls Getaway

  • Pay: $25 / article (500 – 1,500 words)

Girls Getaway is a travel blog encompassing experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to help women make fun and informed travel decisions. Articles should focus on the experience of an all-girls holiday and they don’t want submissions that are just about the destination, activities and hotels, they want it to be placed in the context of a ladies trip.

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Lost Girls World

A travel and lifestyle website aimed towards young women, Lost Girls World is looking for posts about adventure and exploration for women. They want short stories, as well as 2,200 word features, as well as listicles, inspirational round-ups, guides and advice pieces – always aimed at young women.

Update 2023: Lost Girls World no longer has contributor guidelines nor a contact page, which means they probably don’t accept freelance submissions anymore. But if you’re really interested, you can check back again later.

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National Geographic Traveller

  • Pay: $0.50 / word up to 1,000 words ($500 / article)

This is another great one to put in your portfolio, your media kit and in your “As Seen In” section on your travel blog. National Geographic is a name that everyone knows and their traveller section is excellent. Be sure to pitch with great story ideas, be very detailed and include beautiful unedited photos.

Update 2023: The contributor guidelines page on their website is no longer available, which means that they probably don’t accept unsolicited freelance writing now. Click the link below for their Careers page to see if anything relevant is available.

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Best Travel Writing

  • Pay: $1,000 / article (Competition)

This isn’t the best way to get paid to write online because you’ll have to actually win in order to get any money, but Best Travel Writing runs frequent competitions for the best travel writers and the winner is paid up to $1,000 for their article.

Apply Now

Pathfinders Travel

  • Pay: $150 / article (500 – 1000 words)

Pathfinders Travel has an audience of mainly African-Americans, but they occasionally look for submissions that are catering to other minority groups. They want lively, original, well-written stories that provide a good sense of place, with useful information and fresh ideas about travel and the travel industry as a whole.

Update 2023: Their contributor guidelines page went missing, so to query Pathfinders Travel, your best bet is to fill out the contact form on their home page, which is linked below.

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  • Pay: $450 – $800 / article (500 – 1,000 words)

Before you pitch Afar Magazine, be sure to read AFAR.com for past articles so you don’t pitch something they’ve already covered. The magazine’s goal is to inspire and guide travellers who are looking to connect with local people, experience different cultures, and understand the perspectives of the people in the places they visit.

Update 2023: Afar is now hiring Ambassadors rather than writers. To be considered, click the button below.

Apply Now

Travel & Leisure

  • Pay: $1 / word (up to $1,000 / article)

Travel & Leisure doesn’t always accept submissions because they already have a pretty solid group of in-house freelancers and writers, so if you’re going to pitch them, make sure you have a unique angle that they haven’t already covered on their site. This is another publication that would be great for your resume, plus $1,000 per article means that this is one of the better websites to get paid to write online.

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Road & Travel

  • Pay: $0 – $100 / article

Road & Travel is an online, in-market, consumer magazine and resource specializing in automotive, travel, and personal safety topics aimed at high-end, luxury consumers. Their target demographic is women between the ages of 29-59. Travel articles that you submit should relate to hotels, resorts, spas, airlines, bed & breakfasts, destination reviews, places to go and things to do, cruises, eco-travel, safety on the road, destination tourism, best gyms, restaurants, etc.

Update 2023: Their website is currently down; whether this is permanent or temporary, I can’t tell. Check back later to see if it’s back up.

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Roads & Kingdoms

  • Pay: $50 – $150 / article

Roads & Kingdoms is has a simple travel philosophy: the more you know, the better you travel. They are looking for local writers, bloggers and journalists to write deep storytelling about all the good things in life—food, music and booze. The site aims to inform and inspire its readers about destinations around the world. This travel site won the 2017 James Beard Publication of the Year award and SATW’s Best Travel Journalism Site award.

Update 2023: They aren’t accepting pitches as frequently as before. It may still be worthwhile to send an email with a great idea and see what they say!

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  • Pay: $100 – $300 AUD / Article (1,000+ words)

This site has an enormous amount of traffic and will most likely give you a nice juicy backlink to your blog, along with a much-appreciated traffic boost. They’re typically looking for unique and exciting travel stories for their travel section that are away from the typical holiday for Australians (don’t pitch them surfing in Canggu Bali).

2023: They currently aren’t accepting freelance submissions, although they do accept unpaid story ideas through their contact page.

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Huffington Post

Yes, you read correctly, that is $0 per article. Despite being one of the largest publications online with a great travel section, Huffington Post is pretty stingy when it comes to paying freelance writers. But this is a very heavily trafficked site and a link back from this domain is probably worth over $1000 in itself, so I’m still including it. They’re also quite easy to write for.

Apply Now

AOL Travel

  • Pay: $0.20 / word (around $200 / article)

Another good one for the As Seen In section and your media kit, AOL is a household name that everyone recognizes. They’re looking for exciting travel content that is enticing and click worthy (Like best travel spots, best experiences, listicles etc.) along with important travel news, budget tips and fun travel stories. AOL travel is a big brand that pays pretty well, so they make for a good option if you want to get paid to write online. The best way to get in contact is to first reach out through their Facebook account.

Apply Now

Culture Trip

This is a massive new travel start-up that is looking for A LOT of content. They only pay around $0.03 – $0.05 per word maximum, but sometimes they hire writers on a 20 article per month basis, which can add up to a great monthly income. You’ll have to submit a post Monday to Friday every week, which is a lot of work, but it could pay off to be a regular. Don’t miss deadlines.

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  • Pay: $0.50 – $1.00 / word (Up to $1,000 per article)

BudgetTravel.com claims to be the ultimate resource for the world’s savviest travellers and it continues to provide smart travel consumers with practical and timely travel tips and tools. Writers should uncover the best under-the-radar travel experiences and show their readers how just about any destination can be made accessible if you know the right information.

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The International Wine Accessories Blog

  • Pay: $50 / article (700 – 1,000 words)

This magazine is all about one of our favourite things in the world… wine. They want concise and easy-to-read articles submitted and they particularly look for buying guides about products at iwawine.com grouped into intriguing formats, such as Mother’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers. They also consider posts about wine pairings and in-depth travel articles. They particularly look for submissions about the best ways to choose, use, install or enjoy wine cellars, racks, cabinets and cooling equipment.

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BBC Travel

  • Pay: $0.20 – $1.00 / word (Up to $1,000 per article)

BBC Travel is a very well-known publication with millions of monthly readers. Pitching here without prior experience is going to be very difficult, but always worth a try. The pay is good and communication is said to be okay, but there may be a lot of back and forth before your article gets published. They want writers to introduce their readers to places they’ve never been and show them a new side to places they think they know. With an open mind, an eye for the surprising and a global voice, their goal is to inspire their readers to fall in love with the world – and humanity. BBC Travel is one of the most recognized websites for those looking to get paid to write online.

Apply Now

The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner features travel posts, travel videos, travel news, tips and more from some of the best travel writers and travel bloggers around the world. They are looking for travel stories that are written in a first-person narrative style. Every article submitted must be informative, well-written, and they should inspire travellers (mainly focusing on the American audience) to get out and explore.

Update 2023: The Expeditioner website is now offline.

Go World Travel

  • Pay: $40 – $60 / article (1,600 Words+)

This is a good place to submit posts to because, even though they don’t pay very well, they consider writers from across the entire travel spectrum. If you can write a good post and communicate well with the editors, you can probably get a gig or two per month. They are currently looking for descriptive and in-depth, but concise writing to inspire people to explore new places.

Apply Now

Hit The Road

  • Pay: $50 / Article (1,500 Words Max)

Hit the Road is a website aiming to inspire those with the urge to combine creativity, travel and earning money. They want original writing, photography and videography that showcases fun adventures, unique cultures and amazing experiences on the road with emphasis on rented campervans and motorhomes, though any road trip will be considered. If you want to get paid to write online and you’re looking to make a career out of it, $50 may not sound like a lot, but this is a good starting point to build your portfolio.

Apply Now

101 Holidays

  • Pay: 50 – 100 GBP ($75 – $150 / article)

101 Holidays is a UK-based online travel publication and they’re looking for posts about fun holidays for UK citizens. Before submitting, be sure to read some posts on both of their websites (101 Holidays & 101 Honeymoons) and get a feel for their style. They’re not strict on word count but they typically publish articles between 800 – 1,500 words.

Apply Now

101 Honeymoons

  • Pay: 50 – 100 GBP ($75 – $150 / article)

The sister website to 101 Holidays, 101 Honeymoons is looking for posts about… you guessed it – honeymoons. They have the same guidelines and application page as 101 Holidays and they also offer ongoing writing opportunities, making it a good way to build up your base monthly freelance income.

Apply Now

DotDash Merideth (Formerly About.com)

  • Pay: $800 / month (20+ hours per week or 8-10 articles / month)

Another great site for boosting up your base freelance salary every month, DotDash Merideth has a great travel section and they’re looking for posts about travel stories, how to’s and tutorials. Depending on the specific topic, you will be given a flat salary of between $800 and $1000 per month as long as you can maintain a pretty busy schedule writing around 8-10 articles per month. In my opinion, if you want to get paid to write online, and actually get paid a full-time income, it’s jobs like this that are your best bet.

Update 2023: It appears that DotDash Merideth is no longer accepting freelance travel articles, but instead provides travel articles for a fee. Check the website for any changes.

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Big Grey Horse

  • Pay: $100 – $200 / article

Big Grey Horse is a big media marketing company and they’re looking for freelancers to write about Texas and media marketing. They accept Texas travel writers for destination reviews (restaurants, hotels, events, experiences, tours music, bars, etc). You can also write about unique people, cities, off the beaten path destinations etc.

Update 2023: Big Grey Horse website is currently offline.


  • Pay: $50 – $200 / article

Cracked isn’t really a travel website, but they do feature the odd travel story if it’s captivating and hilarious. They typically accept lists and travel tales, but as their fun writer’s guidelines page points out, they will consider pretty much any style of writing. They pay pretty well and you can submit pretty much anything you want, so this is a pretty good one.

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  • Pay: Negotiated with editor $50+ / article

This is a website all about expats, living abroad, travelling and immersing in culture. They’re looking for high-quality freelance contributors who have extensive knowledge of expatriate life, issues that affect expats, and news and events in the countries in which Expatica operates.

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Great Escape Publishing

  • Pay: $50 – $200 / article

Again, this isn’t particularly a travel site and they won’t accept purely travel narratives, but they are always looking for submissions about the business of earning money while travelling, making money online and the overall business of travel. They also publish short interviews with successful professionals getting paid to travel, either through blogging, photography, videography or any other way.

Update 2023: The contributor guidelines page on Great Escape Publishing now redirects to International Living. See the next entry below.

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International Living

  • Pay: $75 / “Postcard Piece” or $250 – $400 / 800 – 1,400 word feature

Another big name in the travel industry, International Living won’t likely take your regular travel piece, but they are currently paying $75 per Postcard submission. To learn about what a postcard is and how to submit one to the editors, click the button below and read their guidelines page. You can also attempt to get a feature article here. The pay is around $250 for an 800 word feature and up to $400 for an 800 – 1,400 word feature. International Living is a bit harder to get published on, but they’re a huge site – making them a good option if you really want to get paid to write online.

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  • Pay: $100 / list (1,500+ words)

As the name would suggest, Listverse is a massive listicle type online publication and they’re always looking for new lists, plus they have a travel section. Be sure to read other lists in their travel category to make sure you’re not repeating anything, but also to find inspiration and to get familiar with their writing style.

Apply Now

Loaded Landscapes

  • Pay: $20 – $150 / Article

Loaded Landscapes is a photography and travel website which publishes a wide variety of articles that are related to landscape, nature, wildlife, and travel photography. They are looking for tips and tutorials, guides to locations of interest, showcases for inspiration, and interesting travel interviews. They have a big photography section as well with articles about post processing (mostly Lightroom and Photoshop). They are also interested in video content if that is within your areas of expertise.

Apply Now

My Itchy Travel Feet

Itchy Travel Feet is a blog aimed towards people born between 1946 and 1964. They are a personal travel site geared to active, travel-loving baby boomers. Essentially, they are looking for submissions that include personable and relatable content that is also informative. This means no top ten lists or cold city descriptions, etc. Even though the site is for baby boomers, they don’t specify anywhere on their site that you must be a baby boomer to apply.

Apply Now

Perceptive Travel

An excellent online travel magazine headed by a good friend of ours, Tim Leffel, Perceptive Travel has won many awards and has one my vote as the best submission guidelines page of any website on this list. They’re looking for well-written travel pieces and not cliché magazine type titles. They want around 6 images included with each submission, but Tim claims to be “light-handed” on the editing. Tim is also one of the longest-running veterans when it comes to travel writing, so he knows what it’s like when you’re trying to get paid to write online and he can likely help you out.

Apply Now


  • Pay: $25 / Article (800 – 1,500 words)

Travelsignposts makes a big effort to provide their readers with high-quality, informative and entertaining travel articles about places to go in Europe, things to do, experiences to have and real-life travel experiences. They don’t typically accept the usual travel supplement processed press releases, spammy promotional hype or impersonal guidebook descriptions. They also appreciate creative pitches, so don’t be afraid to send a video or audio recording with your email pitch.

Apply Now

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Viator Travel Blog

  • Pay: $100 – 150 / Article (1,000 – 2,000 words)

Viator used to frequently take submissions from travel writers and bloggers, but I’ve seen that they’ve taken down their submissions page. However, they may still be accepting some articles because I’m still seeing new guest authors on the site. Try to contact them via a private Facebook message using the button below. They no longer use their submissions page, so you may have the best luck by sending them a message on Facebook (using the button below) and asking them for the right contact for sending pitches.

Apply Now

The Penny Hoarder

  • Pay: $75 / Article (700-900 words)

As a budget travel and points hacking website, the Penny Hoarder is looking for travel stories that include frugal ways to get more travel for less money. They are a massive website with a lot of monthly visitors, so although the pay isn’t huge, a backlink from them would be very valuable, particularly if you can link back to a post about travel hacking or something relevant to their niche.

Update 2023: The Penny Hoarder’s contributor guidelines have gone offline, so the best (and only) way to query is through their contact page.

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The Travel Writer’s Life

  • Pay: $50 – $200 / Article (700-900 words)

Another member of the Great Escape Publishing Network, Travel Writer’s Life is always looking for new submissions about making money on the road and travelling for a living, whether by writing, photography, tours or other means. They also publish short interviews with successful readers and members, as well as professionals working in a field that enables them to get paid to travel. This site is kind of aimed at those who want to get paid to write online, so it’s perfect for this list.

Update 2023: Similar to the Great Escape website, the contributor guidelines for The Travel Writer’s Life now redirect to International Living, listed earlier in this article.

Apply Now

Travel Pulse

  • Pay: $50 – $100 / Article (700-900 words)

Travel Pulse is a travel news website with up to date information about new travel trends and events, but they also have a straight travel section where they feature travel writers sharing travel stories from around the globe. When we first started trying to get paid to write online, we wrote for Travel Pulse for nearly 2 years and had a good experience. Try to get a certain number of articles commissioned per month so that you can have a steady guaranteed income.

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Smarter Travel

  • Pay: $100 – $500 / Article (500 – 5,000 words)

SmarterTravel accepts both short and feature-length stories on a range of travel topics, including booking strategies, saving money, avoiding scams, packing tips, best places to go, travel tech, travel trends, and travel tips that represent all kinds of travellers and travel experiences. Sometimes they’re looking for round-ups and destination content like “Beaches That Should Be On Your Bucket List” or pieces that highlight more off-track destinations.

Update 2023: Smarter Travel’s submission guidelines page has gone offline, so now the best way to query is through their contact page.

Apply Now

Journey Woman

  • Pay: $35 / Article (900+ words) + Possible $100 Prize

Journey Woman focuses on female travel stories which highlight what it’s like to travel as a woman. They are always looking for submissions and while the base pay isn’t that great, they do offer a $100 prize for the best article every month to give to one writer. Articles should be written from a woman’s point of view and should contain information of particular interest to female travellers.

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  • Pay: $50 / Article (750 – 2,500 words)

Wanderful is looking for pieces that are engaging, personal and inspiring with the attempt to speak to their audience and community. They are looking for topics related to all things women, particularly those between the ages of 25 – 40. They want to provide tips for female travellers to show them how to make the most of their overseas experiences.

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Gary’s Sporting Journal

  • Pay: $100 – $1,250 / Article (200 – 12,000 words)

This quarterly journal is targeted towards hunters and anglers, so if you’ve done a fly fishing or camping trip, you may be able to get a feature. They’re always looking for is a journal for hunters and anglers to tell stories and give tips on fishing locations and campfire tales, whether they be fact or fiction. The pay is good at $850 – $1,000 per Expedition (2,500 – 3,000 words), $600 – $1,250 per Features (1,500+ words), $600 for Yarns (750 – 1,500 words) and $100 for poems (max 1,000 words). They also pay up to $250 per photo, so you’ll not only get paid to write online, but you’ll also get paid for your photography.

Apply Now

Outdoors NW

  • Pay: $75 – $125 / Article (300 – 1,000 words)

Outdoors NW is a digital magazine that is always looking for articles related to adventure travel, outdoors, health & nutrition, fitness product reviews, book reviews, humorous pieces and essays about outdoor experiences. The pay varies greatly depending on what kind of article you do and they also pay up to $250 per cover photo for their magazine.

Update 2023: The Outdoors NW website no longer has a contributor guidelines page. In order to query, you’ll need to send an email to one of their editors.

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Adventure Cycling Association

  • Pay: $0.30 – $0.50 / word (Up to $750 / 900 – 1,500 word article)

ACA publishes articles both online and in print, although their online guest blogs don’t talk about pay, their in-print page does. Apply for both to see if you can get paid. Note that submissions end in October of each month for in-print. They’re looking for posts about bicycle travel and tour reviews from around the world. They also do short stories called “The Final Mile” which are about one particular cycling experience, as well as humour pieces.

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Common Ground

  • Pay: $0.50 / word ($60 – $150 / 600 – 1,500 Word Article)

Another magazine with a digital edition, Common Ground is an independent publication that is 100% Canadian owned. It is Western Canada’s biggest and one of its oldest monthly magazines. The publication is dedicated to health, wellness, ecology and personal growth. Submissions are typically between 600 – 1,500 words and pay is $0.50 per word. The final word count is done prior to publication and after all of the final edits have been completed.

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Canadian Traveller

Canadian Traveller is an online magazine that publishes Canadian and international focused travel pieces on a regular basis. They’re typically looking for well-written travel stories, tips and advice that will appeal to a Canadian audience. They want spellings, dollars and language to be Canadian as well. We wrote for Canadian Traveller for over a year and we really enjoy the website and the editors there. This is a good place to get paid to write online, particularly if you’re Canadian or have travelled there extensively.

Apply Now

Literary Traveller

This blog is always looking for new submissions relating to travel, adventure or pilgrimage, typically inspired by an artist or a work of literature. They like posts about composers, painters, songwriters, filmmakers and they are always looking for very well-written pieces that don’t come across like a normal travel blog post.


The Big Roundtable

  • Pay: $100+ / article (3,500 – 30,000 words)

The Big Roundtable publishes narrative nonfiction and connects passionate nonfiction writers with readers who will support their work. They attempt to do this by gathering, editing, selecting and distributing cool travel stories. They definitely don’t want short posts and it seems the longer the better with this website. 3,500 – 30,000+ words, you could write an ebook with a submission to The Big Roundtable. They say $100 is the minimum pay, so if you’re submitting a 30,000 word post, you’ll likely earn much more.

Update 2023: The Big Roundtable is currently offline.


  • Pay: $0.14 – $0.29 / word (Up to $1,000 / article)

Most people have heard of Vice these days. They have an extremely popular YouTube channel and blog that covers everything from travel to drug culture. They’re usually looking for edgy pieces that capture the imagination of their younger audience. Be warned that they don’t respond to all submissions and it will be very difficult to get published here, but the pay is good if you do.


A Fine Parent

  • Pay: $100 / article (1,500 – 3,000 words) + Potential $200 Bonus

Definitely not a travel website, A Fine Parent is all about… you guessed it, parenting. But if you travel with a family, you may consider pitching them a unique family travel story, tips piece or experience to have on the road with kids. They pay $100 per article but if your post does well on their site, you will be eligible for a $200 bonus at the end of the month. Sites that offer bonuses are a good option when you’re trying to get paid to write online, because they push you to write better, more viral posts.

Update 2023: According to their website, A Fine Parent is not currently accepting new articles. They wrote that they anticipated to begin considering queries again in May of 2022, more than a year prior to this update. So check back, but don’t expect them to reopen anytime soon.



Fodors is one of the largest travel publications online, with both in print and digital publications and a very good blog. They cover 75,000 different destinations worldwide and are always looking for unique and informative travel pieces submitted by established writers, although they sometimes accept blog posts from newbies. They pay $100 or more, typically around $0.12 per word on their blog and more in print. The button below will show you instructions on how to apply by email in order to be invited to submit.



Lifehacker is an enormous website with a massive following. They’re looking for submissions to help the everyday person make life easier, save money faster and live better. They’re not a travel website, but they do have plenty of travel hacks posts and travel-related articles. Write an editor directly to query.


The Dollar Stretcher

Dollar Stretcher isn’t a travel site, but they do take submissions for posts written about budget saving tips, including how to travel for less and stretch the dollar while on the road. You could also pitch them a story about stretching your dollar while you’re travelling and trying to get paid to write online!

Update 2023: The Dollar Stretcher is not currently paying for article submissions.


Cultures & Cuisines

  • Pay: $200 / article (800 – 3,000 words)

Cultures & Cuisines is looking for first-person or third-person narratives that push the boundaries of non-fiction with an exciting and well-written style. The submissions should have ample research and reporting and be fact-checked properly. They like posts about exotic places with a very clear sense of place and adventure.

Update 2023: Cultures & Cuisines is offline.


Travelista is an Australian travel website that hires a lot of freelancers every month. The pay isn’t great, but they want posts that help guide travellers through every step of visiting a destination. They want real people, either locals or travellers, giving inside tips that aren’t obvious to the researching traveller.

Update 2023: Travelista is no longer paying writers, but are still offering the opportunity to contribute and will provide a link back to your website.


Vagabundo Magazine

  • Pay: $40 – $200 / Article

Vagabundo Magazine is a digital-only magazine that aims to inspire travellers to hit the road and make their travel dreams a reality. They’re currently looking to fill 15 positions for full-time writers, so there’s a good opportunity to make some solid monthly income here. Although their submission page says a minimum of one assignment per month, they publish several per week so there is a decent amount of opportunity for those looking to get paid to write online.

Update 2023: Vagabundo Magazine is currently offline.

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Lady Q’s

LadyQs.com pays contributing writers for original never before published content which should be related to travel and fall under one of these categories: essays, long form articles, biographical accounts of interest, how to guides, product reviews, themed photography or contemporary issues.


The Culturist

  • Pay: $25 – $100 / article (600 – 800 words)

The Culturist prides itself on having an extensive network of talented writers from around the globe. Some are travelers, others are women’s rights activists, authors, experts or environmentalists. They’re looking for many different types of articles and they have a good travel section.

Update 2023: Their submission page is offline, so query the Culturist through their contact page.

Apply Now


  • Pay: $50+ / article (1000+ words)

Our friends Jazza and Alesha are sometimes (but not always) accepting submissions for their popular travel blog, Nomadasaurus.com. Typically they want informative travel posts like “things to do in ____” and “where to stay in ____” as well as intriguing personal travel narratives.

Update 2023: Nomadasaurus isn’t currently hiring.

Art of Scuba Diving

  • Pay: $35 / 800 word article, $100 / 2000+ word article

Justin Carmack is looking for submissions for this scuba-focused blog. Pitch him stories about scuba diving that are 800+ words, or try to apply to write one of the longer (3,000+ word) travel guides. This site is just starting out, but it’s bound to get big quickly so a post here could be a good investment.

Update 2023: Art of Scuba Diving isn’t currently hiring.

Get Paid to Write Online (Magazines)

These are magazines that are oftentimes both in print and online. These days you’ll still be pitching through online forms or email, so it’s online work in my book! Typically in print jobs pay a bit better than when you get paid to write online by a website, but editors tend to be a bit more hands on as well.

Alaska Airlines Magazine

  • Pay: $700 / article (2,500 words maximum)

This airline magazine is typically looking for writers to touch on unique (Alaskan Airlines) travel destinations, museum exhibits, business and influential community leaders. They encourage you not to exceed the 2,500 word limit. I know this isn’t really a “get paid to write online” type opportunity, but ideas and pitches can be sent to this publication via email. New writers should send numerous writing samples and a short bio.

Update 2023: Alaska Airlines Magazine is no longer being published.

Backpacker Magazine

  • Pay: $700 / article (5,000 words)

This publication is looking for very long articles (5,000+ words) all about hiking, trekking, walking and human-powered modes of travel (like cycling and kayaking). They frequently feature travel gear, destinations, lifestyle and more. They will definitely expect you to know their magazine’s tone and mission before applying, so be sure you’re familiar with their writing style.

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LA Times

  • Pay: $750 / article (400 – 1,750 words)

You’re going to have to spend quite a bit of time reading the writer’s guidelines if you ever want a post accepted at the LA Times, but if you manage to get something posted there, the pay is decent and the recognition is excellent. They are no longer considering any submission that does not have great photos. At $750 per article, this is a great opportunity to get paid to write online, but be ready for a lot of back and forth with editors.

Update 2023: The guidelines page is offline, so to pitch a story, you’ll have to email an editor directly.

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RV Magazine

  • Pay: $400- $900 / article

If you love van life, have experience with motorhome travels or know the technical side of owning and servicing a motorhome or RV, then this could be a great opportunity for you. The pay varies greatly depending on what type of article you write, but they have quite a few opportunities available.

Apply Now

Oregon Coast Magazine

  • Pay: $100 – $650 / article

This is quite a popular magazine that buys a lot of stories every month. They’re looking for writers to cover travel stories, tips and advice about Oregon’s stunning coastal region and tell stories about road trip itineraries, best restaurants and historical sites to see along the way.

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Trailer Life

  • Pay: $100 – $700 / Article

This monthly magazine is geared towards RV and camping enthusiasts. They cover cool travel destinations, technical trailer and camper information, DIY projects, outdoor activities and cool camping spots.

Update 2023: Trailer Life has been absorbed by RV Magazine (see above).

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Another RV and Camping focused magazine, Rova focuses on outdoor adventure aimed towards millennials and gen X. They’re always looking for unique submissions that will inspire the younger generations to get out and RV. They want stories from the roads of America and they accept submissions from all types of writers.

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This is yet another magazine about camping, RVing and van life. They are looking for posts that include tips and personal travel stories about RVing and road tripping around the US (such as the famous Route 66).  They also like articles that have technical info about RVs and how to service them. They are primarily a writer’s club, but they also accept submissions from non-members.

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Adventure Motorcycle

  • Pay: $150+ / Article (500 – 1,400 Words)

Adventure Motorcycle looks for some technical reviews as well as rider profiles, news, bike reviews and event reports, but they also take the odd road trip story. If you’ve ever travelled by motorbike, try submitting. If you’re a motorbike enthusiast, try to get a steady column at Adventure Motorcycle. Columns are always the best way to get paid to write online, because you’ll have a guaranteed base income each month.

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  • Pay: $0.10 / Word Including Photos (2,000 – 2,500 Words)

A magazine all about sustainable travel, volunteer travel aimed towards those who “travel with purpose.” They are a travel magazine for people interested in volunteering, working, and studying overseas. You might even be able to pitch them a story about what it’s like when you travel and get paid to write online.

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Porthole Cruise

  • Pay: $400 / article (800 words)

As the name suggests, this magazine is all about cruising, so if you’ve spent time travelling on the open seas than this might be a good place to submit an article. They aren’t overly picky editors, but they do claim: “A good story cannot stand without quotes. Bring the people who you encountered into the story with their words and let them help you tell your story. Avoid trite phrases as quotes, though, such as “We had a wonderful time,” and “The food was delicious.””

Apply Now

Enroute (Air Canada In-Flight Magazine)

  • Pay: $1 CAD / Word (200 – 1,700 Words)

Enroute is Air Canada’s in flight magazine and they’re looking for travel pieces that will fit on one magazine page covering a destination that Air Canada flies to. They have numerous types of content that they’re looking for on their guidelines page and they try to respond to all submissions within 30 days. Click the button to read more.

Apply Now

Horizon Edition

  • Pay: $100 – $450 / article (200 – 2,500 Words)

The in-flight magazine for Horizon Air, Horizon Edition is looking for writing with vivid images, anecdotes and strong narrative flow. The best way to submit a post is to send small clips of previously published work, as well as a well-written pitch for your proposed article in their magazine. The pitch should demonstrate advanced research and original ideas on the part of the writer. The below button is an application through their parent company Alaska Airlines.

Update 2023: Horizon Edition Magazine is no longer in publication.

Delta Sky Magazine

  • Pay:  $1.00 / word (200 – 2,000 words)

Delta Sky is looking for travel destinations, particularly focused on the places that they fly to, as well as profiles of notable people, whether they’re actors, authors, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs or executives. If you pitch a profile, there must be a good reason for highlighting that person for that month, and a new take on the person is important. At up to $2,000, this is a good opportunity to get paid to write online and actually make a living from it.

Update 2023: Delta Sky Magazine is no longer in publication.

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  • Pay: $1 – $1.50 / Word ($2,000 – $4,000)

Sierra is the magazine made for the United States’ oldest and largest grassroots environmental group, Sierra Club. They have both in print and digital magazines focusing on photography, art, travel, and protecting the natural world. They like pieces about outdoor adventure and about threats to the environment and they want submissions to be fun, well-researched and inspiring. This is one of the highest-paid opportunities to get paid to write online in this article.

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Backcountry Magazine

A magazine all about the outdoors, Backcountry is looking for researched, timely, original ideas with a strong backcountry hook, from current events to prolific characters to unique destinations. They are always looking for Feature ideas, as well as Destination stories for their On Location department. Pitch them Profiles and Newsworthy items, Mountain Skills articles and Accounts of avalanches and other mountain mishaps. They also pay up to $400 for photos.

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Nebraskaland Magazine

  • Pay: $0.15 / article (around 2,500 words)

Nebraskaland is run by Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission and they cover lots of different outdoor-related topics like travel, canoeing, kayaking, camping, hunting and fishing in Nebraska’s state parks and recreational areas. They want submissions that highlight the diversity of the region’s wildlife, art, history and culture.

Apply Now

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  • Pay: $0.20 / word (300 – 2,000 words)

If you’ve ever travelled with a canoe, done a canoe trip down a river or rented a canoe while travelling, then you can submit a post to this site all about all things canoeing. They’re looking for anything other than creative non-fiction essays or fiction. Pitches should present a clear and specific idea, not merely a general topic, and should reflect familiarity with the magazine’s content and tone.

Update 2023: Canoeroots Magazine is now part of Northern Ontario Travel, which does not currently have submission information online.

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  • Pay: $50 – $1,000 / article (300 – 3,500 words)

If you love the city of Seattle, then try pitching this magazine. They want actual story ideas so be specific and they want all contributors to actually read the magazine before pitching, so consider buying a digital copy first. Check out their home page for lots of story ideas and to get a feel for their writing style.

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Not to be confused with the hit HBO series of the same name, Westworld is BCAA’s travel magazine and it covers local, regional and international travel stories – with the emphasis on “stories” – along with articles on travel trends, the technical and practical aspects of travel and travel-related issues. Stories should be about Western Canada.

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  • Pay: $50 – $325 / article (800 – 2,000 words)

Abilities is a magazine geared towards people who have disabilities and they have a travel section that’s accepting submissions. They’re looking for articles about travel, health, sport, recreation, careers, education, transportation, housing, social policy, relationships, technology, family life, movie/book reviews and personality profiles. Events and conferences are also considered. If you have a disability or know someone who does and you want to get paid to write online and actually reach an underrepresented audience in the travel space, this could be a great option.

Apply Now

Cheese Connoisseur

This magazine is all about cheese and it’s looking to provide its readers (sophisticated, well-educated foodies and industry professionals) with information about specialty cheeses, celebrity cheesemakers, chefs, wines, travel opportunities and complementary foods and beverages. There is no designated submissions page and no required word count.

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If you love travelling around the United States and tasting different craft breweries, then you may want to pitch this magazine this about all things beer. Draft prides itself on providing its audience with current, accurate and creative coverage of beer. Go to a bar and tell someone you get paid to write online about drinking beer and you’ll likely be the envy of the entire bar.

Update 2023: Draft Mag’s submissions and about pages are currently down, but check back to see if they return with information about freelance queries.

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Baja Life

  • Pay: $0.10 / word (600 – 2,000 words)

Also known as “The Journal of Mexico’s Magnificent Peninsula”, this quarterly magazine is published by the Baja Communications Group and it is focused on advancing education, tourism and the protection of Mexico’s lovely Baja Peninsula (think Cabo San Lucas and La Paz). Writers should attempt to highlight the unique nature and ecosystem of this region, as well as eco-friendly accommodation and outdoor activities.

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New Mexico Magazine

  • Pay: $0.35 – $0.40 / word

A magazine that aims to highlight the lush landscapes and beautiful nature, as well as the unique culture of New Mexico. The magazine is always looking for articles that inspire readers to travel to New Mexico or, for the locals (who make up one-third of the magazine’s readership) to get out and see their home state.

Apply Now


  • Pay: $0.80 AUD / word (Max 1,500 words)

This very popular Australian magazine is looking to highlight different aspects of travel and life in Australia and abroad including food, news, destinations, cruises, hotels and tours. The below button is an application form through Nine Entertainment.

Update 2023: Elsewhere appears to now be online only, and it’s unclear whether they accept freelance submissions or not.

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Texas Highways

  • Pay: $325 / article (1000+ words)

Texas Highways is the official travel magazine of the state of Texas and it aims to encourage travel in Texas by documenting unique stories from individual travellers in the region. Although they focus on Texas, their readership spans the US and the world. The magazine always seeks new creative talent, and the links below will download guidelines that spell out how we work.

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Lonely Planet

  • Pay: $325 / article (1000+ words)

The amount that Lonely Planet pays depends entirely on the scope of the project and whether you’re a guidebook author or just a content contributor for their blog. Of course, as a guidebook author you’ll be paid a salary, plus you’ll have money to pay for your travels in the destination you’re writing about. For the blog, we’ve heard that between $300 – $400 per article is possible, but they still accept some free posts too if you’re pitching as a “guest post” with a link back to your site.

Update 2023: Lonely Planet is not currently open for pitches.

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The Gothamist

  • Pay: $50 – $150 / article

This magazine is all about The Big Apple, so if you’ve travelled to or live in New York, consider submitting a pitch. They’re looking for original, compelling, heartbreaking, funny, enraging, and enlightening stories that cut through the dull hum of the internet and help their readers better understand New York City and the people living in it. If you get paid to write online and earn enough to live in New York, you’re doing something right!

Update 2023: The Gothamist is no longer accepting contributions.

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Midwest Traveler

  • Pay: $400 / article (1,200 words)

Midwest Traveler is AAA’s travel magazine and they pay pretty well. Their goal is to provide readers with a variety of useful information on travel, auto safety and their AAA membership. The magazine publishes approximately 5 to 6 freelance travel articles per issue.

Update 2023: Midwest Traveler is no longer being published.

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Useful Resources to Get Paid to Write Online

I really believe that this list is the most extensive resource to teach people how to get paid to write online, particularly in the travel space, but there are plenty of other great websites to help you out too.

I’ve listed some useful job boards below to help you get paid to write online.

Get Paid to Write Online… Starting Today!

Like I said at the beginning of this article, it’s never been easier to get paid to write online as a freelance travel writer. I’ve scoured the internet and my own personal contacts to make sure that this is the longest, most extensive list of travel writing jobs found anywhere online. There is no reason you can’t find work now!

get paid to write online

Go ahead and write up some compelling pitches and send them out to your favourite websites and magazines on this list.

Be prepared to be rejected a few times.

Even the best travel writers get ten no thank-yous before they get a single yes. Pitch pitch pitch and always try to get a continuous writing job like a staff writing position or a column so that you can be sure to earn a certain amount of money each month.

I really hope this article helps new and aspiring travel writers earn some serious money online.

My goal is to help as many people as possible get paid to write online so that they can travel for as long as you want! This article took me a very long time to write and research, so I’d really appreciate it if you could share it on your social media!

Thanks for reading!

If you know any other websites or magazines that pay to write online and you know exactly how much they pay, please share with us in the comments below. If I can confirm them, I’ll add them to this list to help other aspiring travel writers.

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