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The wind and the sun – Aesop’s fable


Once there was a big argument between the sun and the wind. The wind was saying he was more powerful than the sun. So wind pointed out many facts to prove that.

“I am more powerful than you. If I want, I can destroy the whole world within seconds. I can smash down trees, houses everything that comes into my face. Though you say you are so powerful, you can’t do anything of those. the wind said in pride.”

“Well, well, I don’t have seen such an idiot ever before. That is why you are arguing with me. Because you are a fool. “Replied the sun calmly.”

“What you only do is burn in the same place forever.” Wind said. “But me! If I am at the north pole in the morning, I will be in the south pole by the evening.”

“Is that all?” Asked the sun as an insult.

The wind and the sun at a  war

“Why not? How many things that I have to say about my power? I’ve traveled all around the world. How many trees have I taken down? How many ships have I sunken down to the bottom of the sea? The whole world knows my power but you.”

While they were arguing they saw a well-dressed man coming along a road.

“Well then, can you make that man remove his clothes?” The sun asked from the wind.

“A bet? Ok. I will show you such a little thing that is for me.” Said the wind and began to blow a little fast. The man tightened his clothes thinking they would blow off from the wind. the wind increased his speed. But the man tightened his clothes more and crouched on the ground to be safe from the wind. Wind couldn’t do it. At last, the wind had to admit his defeat and fall back.

“Alright. I failed. So let’s see how you are going to do it.” The wind told the sun.

Sun began to increase his heat little by little. As it was getting hot, the man began to loosen his clothes. As the heat increased, he took off his shirt first. A little after he took his all clothes off and jumped into a river unable to bear the heat. The wind lost the bet and he was so shy. So the wind ran away from the sun in a flash.

The moral of the wind and the sun story: Strategy and intelligence always outsmart power. Be humble about your talents. Learn from others.

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