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WENDY K MAGES: Geneses: Traces and Tribulations


She soaks and rinses the spinach, attempting to remove the sand and grit from the leafy greens. Soak after soak, the grit remains, a persistent trace of earthy origins. Not unlike the accent she’s trying so hard to lose, but which, despite her efforts, still reveals her true ancestral roots.

Wendy K. Mages, a Professor at Mercy College, is a storyteller and educator who earned a master’s and doctorate in Human Development and Psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a master’s in Theatre at Northwestern University. As a complement to her research on the effect of the arts on learning and development, she performs original stories at storytelling events and festivals in the US and abroad. Her stories appear in literary publications, such as 3cents Magazine, Antithesis Journal BlogFive MinutesFunny Pearls, Harpy Hybrid ReviewHearth & Coffin, The Journal of Stories in Science, New Croton Review, Potato Soup Journal, Quibble, Route 7 Review, Sea to Sky Review, Star 82 Review, and Young Ravens Review. A triptych of her poems appears in Scenario. To learn more about her work, please visit https://www.mercy.edu/directory/wendy-mages.


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