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A Guide to Planning a Memorable Trip to Egypt


A country as enchanting as Egypt does not require much convincing to visit, but still, there are many things to get excited about planning a trip to Egypt. 

Yes, we’ve all heard of the famous pyramids and of course, the River Nile, which is the longest river in Africa, but what if we told you that this extraordinary country has so many more gems to discover. 

If a cultural and adventurous trip to Egypt is on the cards, then we have many reasons why this country ticks all the boxes, and why choosing Baboo is the most rewarding way to travel. The trip you imagine in your mind, can become a reality while incorporating even more than you had planned.

So, let’s get started.

Exploring the culture in Egypt

Egypt’s culture is rich and unique, given that this African country has thousands of years of recorded history, and many preserved sites to take you back in time. The country is well known for its traditions, souks, cuisine, and various languages, which make up a vibrant way of life for the locals. One of the best ways to go beneath the surface of a country is to immerse yourself in the local culture by doing as the locals do, socializing with locals, and perhaps learning a few words of the local language, which in Egypt’s case is Arabic. 

For the history buffs out there, Egypt is an absolute haven for discovering historical artifacts, subcultures, local art and so much more, with a host of incredible museums to visit. Some of the best museums to visit are The Nubian Museum in Aswan (free admission), The Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo (book a skip-the-line ticket), as well as The National Museum of Alexandria (book a full-day tour of Alexandria). 

It’s important to know a few of the general customs in Egypt for instance, always use your right hand for eating, greeting, or giving/receiving items, always take your shoes off before entering someone’s house or a holy place, be prepared to haggle (a lot), public displays of affection are a no-no and tipping is expected for the usual services. With all this in mind, you are off to a good start, but what is the best time to go there? 

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Traveling to Egypt During Ramadan
Traveling to Egypt During Ramadan

Best time to visit Egypt

One of the things you should consider is the best time to travel to suit your needs. Perhaps you like the atmosphere of crowds or you prefer to travel in the low season, maybe you love to bake in the heat or you might prefer to go when the temperature is milder. There are many benefits to choosing the perfect time for you, and one, in particular, is that you will ultimately be satisfied with your trip, with zero regrets. 

Egypt has two seasons, the winter season from November until April, which is the most popular time due to the mild temperatures, while the summer season falls between May to October when you can expect soaring hot temperatures and fewer crowds. 

The city of Giza, Egypt
The city of Giza, Egypt

Highlights of a trip to Egypt

If you are planning a trip to Egypt for the first time, your list will be full of the main attractions and highlights such as: 

Egypt is a wonderful country for the adventure lover with plenty of activities on offer, such as sandboarding, taking a Nile cruise, taking a sand bath in the desert as well as diving in Sharm El Sheikh,. And for those who would rather marvel at some fascinating sites, you can look forward to the historical sites of Luxor, the catacombs of Kom El Shouqafa and marveling at the highest dunes in the western desert during a Hurghada desert safari.

Egypt is a fantastic destination to combine hobbies, so while half your trip may consist of sightseeing, activities, and museums, the other half can be spent relaxing on a cruise, swimming in the Red Sea, or pampering yourself in one of the top spas along the coast, now that sounds like an ideal combination. 

Another aspect of Egypt that is a sure highlight for many is of course the cuisine, and many Egyptian dishes have inspired the cuisine of other countries too, so you may be familiar with a few of their traditional dishes already. 

Some of the must-try dishes are Kofta, Shawarma, Ful Medames, and Koshari which is Egypt’s national dish. 

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Check out these activities in Egypt with Get Your Guide:

Making it a sustainable Egyptian adventure

Egyptian camels

It is important when planning a trip to make sure all the details fulfill your expectations but did you ever wonder, how your trip is impacting the local communities and the environment? Did you know that you can travel to Egypt, see all the wonderful sites and make memories that will last a lifetime, while at the same time offsetting your carbon footprint, giving back to the local communities within the country as well as ensuring you have a fully local experience? 

Well, this is exactly the philosophy of Baboo Travel, whose local experts not only listen to your requirements, to personalize your trip to perfection but also guarantee that you have more time to discover Egypt, with less stress and hassle. What if we said that 85% of your hard-earned cash, goes right into the hands of the local communities, and empowers the people to thrive, now that is a trip of a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for, now is the time to make your next trip a rewarding and satisfying adventure in more ways than one? 


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