Home Stories K McEVERN LESTRADE: Tempting Fruit

K McEVERN LESTRADE: Tempting Fruit


It was no longer entirely green, though the blush signalling ripeness had not yet begun to creep over the smooth, tight skin. Her mouth watered, torn between wanting to tug it free and knowing patience would be rewarded with softness and sweet juice. With fingers curled tight she turned, resisting.

K McEvern Lestrade is never too busy to dream up new ways to explore the way people meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. Balancing teaching and raising small humans tests the concept of ‘too busy’ on the regular, but she loves the challenge. Her first short story, Risk is published in Love and Other Kerfuffles. She noodles around on Twitter at @mcevernlestrade and updates on her work can be found at kmcevernlestrade.com.


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