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ERIN LUNDE: Forget | 50-Word Stories


She drops fingers into the drawer, rummaging for an escaping lipstick. It wedges in the corner against something unrecognizable. She dislodges the items, the lipstick lolling against metal in her palm.

A forgotten gift. A key to a home.

She drops the key in the garbage.

She will forget again.

Erin Lunde is a writer, reader, musician, and manager of kids who lives in Minneapolis, MN with her family of five. Her short fiction is published in Flash Fiction MagazineThe Bangalore ReviewIntrinsickOpenwork Mag and others. She writes “motherhood minutes.” on Substack and runs hot and cold on Instagram @everythingerinlunde. Most of her current writing and reading projects are found at her website, erinlunde.com.


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