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2022 Story of the Year Finalists


Here are the twelve finalists for the 2022 Story of the Year award!

JANUARY: Cherry Blossom by Tim Boiteau
FEBRUARY: A Child Overhears by Larina Warnock
MARCH: After the Flood by August Van Stralen
APRIL: My Suitcases by Roya Nouraei
MAY: Bookworm by Stephen Gallagher
JUNE: The Green Goddess by Rosie Douglas
JULY: Poor Devilish Me by Bob Thurber
AUGUST: The Enormity of Small Things by Jennifer L. Freed
SEPTEMBER: After the Forest Caught Fire by J.S.P. Jacobs
OCTOBER: What Dew Felt Like by Sarah Grace Tuttle
NOVEMBER: Nostalgia for a Small-Town Park by J.A. August
DECEMBER: The Dying of the Sun by Swapna Sanchita

The winner, as chosen by editor Tim Sevenhuysen, will be announced on Sunday, January 29!

The prize for the Story of the Year winner is:

  • $50 (Canadian)
  • Enshrinement in the 50WS Hall of Fame

Let everyone know your favourite story in the comments!

Throwback: In 2014, Bob Thurber won the Story of the Year award with his piece The Mapmaker’s Calligraphist Daughter. In 2015, Guy Preston took the prize with One Job Away From Retirement. The 2016 winner was Jennifer L. Freed, for Aunt Peg. In 2017, Constellations by Jonathan Kosik won the award. In 2018, Bob Thurber won his second Story of the Year award for The Summer of Sweet Mary (circa 1972). In 2019, Evan McMurry won the Story of the Year for After the Water. The 2020 story of the year was Your Pills by Jennifer L. Freed, for her second win. For 2021, N. West Moss won Story of the Year for A man (not her husband).


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