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ROBERTA SCHINA: It’s Okay, Roberta


Our plans didn’t work out. “OH NO!”

“Mañana,” they said. But mañana Gloria got sick and so did I. Then we got better, but Rosa may have to work.

“OH NO!”

“Esta bien, Roberta.” It’s okay.

That’s what I come to Mexico to learn. To learn that “esta bien, Roberta.”

Roberta Schine is a yoga instructor, former karate instructor, immigration activist, and writer living in New York City. She teaches yoga classes for people with Parkinson’s at Mount Sinai Hospital and is a regular presenter at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico City. Her writing has appeared in Portside.org, Rattapallax, Passager, Penmen Review, Unfortunately (winner, Halloween Micro Contest), Hawansuyo.com (in Spanish), Perigrinosysuslettras (in Spanish) and other literary publications.


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