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How to Display Your Personal Style at Home


How to Display Your Personal Style at Home | Wit & Delight
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When you step into a home that’s infused with the personal styles of the people who live there, you feel it. The French call it je ne sais quoi, but when I looked at the list I put together of people whose homes reflect their personal style, a theme emerged. When looking at their homes, you get the sense that their style is really just an adjacent expression of who they are. 

I’m drawn to these types of homes because of their strong identity. Whether we recognize it or not, I think each of us puts our own unique twist on the larger categories of “style” out there. There are nuances within “traditional,” “bohemian,” and “midcentury modern”; these categories are really just a jumping-off point for us to dig deeper into what resonates with our own sense of self. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the people who I see really expressing their authentic sense of personal style at home.

Below each person’s name, I also wrote three words that I think encapsulate their personal style at home. I’ll be sharing more on this three-word approach to defining your personal style on the blog this Wednesday!

1. Hannah Carpenter – @hannahacarpenter

Saturated, Layered, Preppy

Hannah GOES for it like no one is watching. Hannah has such good taste she probably could have designed her home entirely herself, but she collaborated with designer Meta Coleman to really take things to the next level. It’s a great example of the perfect client/designer relationship. You see Meta’s signature color and pattern play embedded in each room, but it’s fully embodied by the lifestyle of the Carpenter family. I’m inspired by them!

2. My Friend Hillary

Effortless, Quirky, Relaxed

Have you ever wondered what your style would be if you opted out of social media? My friend Hill is about as low-key and fun as you can get. She’s not on social media or anywhere online, which is probably the coolest thing you CAN do these days. She’s also one of the funniest people I know, who exudes warmth and does things her own way.

What I love most about her home is the effortlessness of her style. Its a collection of things she’s had for years and every time I’m at her house it feels like a breath of fresh air. Nothing about it screams “I’m on Pinterest!” and I never get the sense she’s too stressed about anything being perfect. Yet everything has intention and style. It’s goals!

3. Kaitlyn Coffee – @harrisvintage

70s, Imperfect, Earthy

When I see something shared by Kaitlyn Coffee, I know it’s from her even before checking the handle. She’s an endless source of inspiration, sharing the best of design content that is both current and decades old.

When you see her home—both her current house and previous home—you see the inspiration brought through in each corner. She takes risks, is a student of her own taste, and is a champion of embracing elements others might not know how to embrace, all while being a down-to-earth human.

4. Elena – @thishouse5000

Modern Classic meets Bohemian with a Colorful Twist 

I know Elena’s content within the first second I see it on my Instagram feed. She ties some styles that are more trendy into the design of her home but always in a way that’s distinctly her. It’s a great reminder that if you love something—even if it’s a thing that’s considered “trendy”—it will still come through in your design in a way that’s unique to you.

5. Stephen & David – @renovationhusbands

Traditional, Americana, Polished

These two are all about the details. On the surface, you’ll see deep, rich colors and a layered mix of textures and patterns. But it’s the thoughtfulness in the custom designs they create that gives you a sense of how these two like to live. Their projects show what’s possible when you have a vision and how transformative spaces can become when you’re able to find ways to customize areas of the home that need to both work hard for you AND spark joy.


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