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MICHELLE DINNICK: Personalized Calendar: 75% Off


Today is just any other day.

Or is it?

The first day for some; the last day for others.

To this end, I have invented a personalized calendar. Only date of note: the owner’s last day on earth.

No holidays, no birthdays, no other occasions.

Sales have been disappointingly slow.

Michelle is an award-winning author and poet who really enjoys writing micro-fiction. She is a contributor to fiftywordstories.com and has a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of Canada. Michelle was a quarter finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay contest. Her writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail and several local magazines and newspapers including The Briar Crier, Total Sports, Voice of the Farmer, Arts Talk and Focus 50 Plus. Her short story “Lightning Strikers” (also featured on Commuter Lit) was made into a series in the Focus 50 + Newspaper because fans asked for more! In 2018, Michelle won the Ontario Writers Conference Story Starter Contest in two categories. You can find her online at fiftywordstories.com, commuterlit.com, femininecollective.com, writersblog.ca, michelledinnick.com, and on FB, Insta, and Twitter.


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