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10 Things I Love Sunday


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a fun holiday—whether you stayed up until midnight and toasted with friends and loved ones, OR spent some time alone in the bath reading and went to bed early.

I’ve done both of these on NYE before and I think both are quite lovely for different reasons. Lol.

I’ll also be spending this week (and probably all month really) evaluating the past year and thinking how I’d like to change things this year. I’m also going to celebrate my wins from 2022—I hope you do, too. Here are 10 things I’m loving lately.

I got a lot of books for Christmas! Many are mysteries … my loved ones know me. I am especially excited to read: All Good People Here, The Murder of Mr. Wickham, and Station Eternity.

Although these are all murder mysteries, they are VERY different and I’m excited for each one.

My birthday is later this month, so I’ve been pre-shopping. I have about one million screenshots on my phone of skin care products. Why yes, I’m in my late 30s. How did you guess?

A few moisturizers I’ve been eyeing are: Cocokind Resurrection Polypeptide Cream, Dieux Instant Angel, and Ursa Major Forest Alchemy Eye Cream.

Two years ago, I bought this cardigan in black. I wear it ALL the time. I’m considering buying the same one in white and dark green. My closet is becoming more and more like my grandmothers in that I find something I love and just buy it in a bunch of colors.

Other items on my might-buy-for-my-birthday are these cute huggie earrings and these paperclip earrings.

Random, but I started going back to the gym. It’s SO cliche to get back into my group fitness class right around the new year. But, I struggle this time of year mental health-wise.

So, I’m trying to add in some small habits that may help as we head into the super cold, dark months with no holidays to look forward to (I love you Valentine’s Day, but you are not enough for me).

If you struggle this time of year too, take care of yourself (whatever that looks like for you). Love, Emma

P.S. Here are a few recipes and recent posts I wanted to highlight in case you missed them!


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