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Tips for Making a Small Space Festive


After a year spent living the digital nomad dream of hopping about from city to city, I can safely (confidently, gratefully, enthusiastically) say that I’ve settled down somewhere that feels like home. While many of us romanticize a mobile, move-on-a-whim lifestyle, the reality can be a lot more challenging. But now, in a space I can truly call my own—I’m not pulling out my suitcase that could fit a large child anytime soon—it’s time to lean into all things cozy. And yes, that means stocking up on all the best apartment Christmas décor.

It can be hard to know what to do with a small space. Sure, you don’t want to overwhelm it with too many pieces, but the opposite approach can leave a room feeling sparse. And of course, there’s the whole storage component, too—where the heck are you going to store the fake Christmas tree once January rolls around? There’s a lot to solve when you’re shopping for apartment Christmas décor. Thankfully, as someone inhabiting a space that barely tops 1,000 square feet, I have a few answers.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

Tips for Decorating for Christmas in a Small Space

It’s always been my dream to deck the halls in a huge home with an unlimited budget. But over the years, as I’ve moved from apartment to (sometimes larger, sometimes smaller) apartment, I’ve grown to enjoy the ways a lack of space challenges my creativity. I’ve discovered that I like being forced to make design choices: instead of saying yes to everything on my Christmas décor wish list, I have to select what I love most and what I think will fit best in my space.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with a list of tips that have supported my search to perfect my apartment’s Christmas décor. Step number one? Less is more.

Pick a statement piece. If you’re decorating for a small space, you don’t want to send the eye in a million directions as soon as someone walks through your door. Instead, I like to think of a single object that I center my décor around. For me, that’s always been the tree—but you can let your tablescape shine, deck out your mantle, or create a beautiful dried floral arrangement that sits on your coffee table. Whatever you choose, stick to the plan—and resist the temptation to go overboard.

Stick to a focused color palette. Similar to the first tip, this is all about creating a coordinated, cohesive décor scheme. I like to pick three colors that will dominate the majority of what I choose to bring into my space. Typically, this means a neutral that I pair with two colors that sit opposite the color wheel (which explains why white, green, and red go so well together). Or, I try to pick a theme and identify three colors that evoke what I’m trying to express—this year, I’m all about browns, greens, and white.

Get creative with your tree. If you’re on the hunt for apartment Christmas décor, you might be having a tricky time figuring out the tree situation. Don’t worry, no one’s making you buy one! Yes, it might seem like a must-have, but with space constraints, you’re welcome to ditch it. Or even better—rethink it! There are plenty of tabletop options to choose from as well as creative alternatives. Find all the inspiration you need here.

Image by Michelle Nash

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Image by Michelle Nash

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Image by Michelle Nash

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