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Best Black Friday Kitchen Deals From Target, West Elm, and More


My prized Black Friday purchase is my beloved immersion blender. It was by no means a significant spend ($19 at 40% off—you never forget your first), but it’s completely changed the way I make soup. While I once had to awkwardly transfer the hot liquid between a pot and blender, I’d found a way to save myself the cumbersome step. And though I wouldn’t call myself a material person, there’s something about saving up and watching the price on a transformative tool until you finally decide to pull the trigger. As an ode to my sentimental savings, I rounded up this year’s best Black Friday kitchen deals.

The week leading up to Thanksgiving is funny. It’s an odd mix of stress, excitement, and anticipatory shopping. Everyone’s eagerly plowing through the work to be done Monday and Tuesday, packing their bags, and preparing for the feast of the season. Once the plates are cleaned and the pies polished off, the holiday madness can begin in earnest.

So if you’re itching to start your shopping early and you have your heart set on a few culinary prizes that’ll make your meals seamless and kitchen habits joyful, you’ve consulted the right list. Time to kick off the holiday season with some stress-free shopping.

**By the way, if you’ve had your eye on any Casa Zuma goodies, now’s the time! We’re offering free shipping on EVERY ORDER from now through Monday.**

Image by Suruchi Avasthi

The Best Black Friday Kitchen Deals of 2022

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Crate & Barrel

Known for its timeless appeal, accessible prices, and design-driven collaborations (we’re obsessed with Athena Calderone’s collection) Crate & Barrel is a one-stop shop for contemporary, cozy styles.

Williams Sonoma

Nothing represents California cool more than Williams Sonoma. With its elegant but laid-back aesthetic, Ina Garten fans can bond over their mutual love of the brand.

Image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s kitchen by Michelle Nash


We hit it up at least twice a week and walk out with far more than our lists called for. Target’s a treasure trove of affordable kitchen goods that look wayyy more expensive than they are. Let’s dive into their Black Friday best.

Image by Michelle Nash

Pottery Barn

Classic farmhouse design meets sustainable sourcing and ethical production practices. If you’ve written off Pottery Barn in the past for being too traditional, take a spin around their website—and expect to be blown away.

Image of Diana Ryu’s kitchen by Teal Thomsen

Our Place

Image of Laurel Gallucci’s kitchen by Teal Thomsen

West Elm


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