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Mini Holiday Gift Guides 2022


Mini Holiday Gift Guides 2022 | Wit & Delight
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The holiday gifting season continues! While we’ve published our holiday gift guides on the blog, I’m also putting together a few additional “mini gift guides.” These mini guides will include gift ideas for some of the more specific, hard-to-pinpoint gifting dilemmas many of us tend to encounter.

These gift guides will be shared each week on the W&D Instagram Stories. As we go, I’ll also be adding each mini gift guide to this blog post, so you can easily refer back to them all in one comprehensive list.

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Wit & Delight 2022 Mini Holiday Gift Guides

Mini Gift Guide #1: If You’re Meeting Your Partner’s Family for the First Time

1. Something Sweet to Share With the Group

The experience of opening a box of Vosges Chocolates really speaks for itself, but any sweet treat would be a thoughtful gift. You could bake something or bring something store-bought—anything the group can enjoy together will be appreciated by the host!

2. A Game or Puzzle

Table topics that guide conversations are a great way to get to know each other. Anthropologie has amazing options that are beautiful, age-inclusive, and affordable.

3. Offer to Make Dinner One Night

All you really need is high-quality pasta, a great sauce, and amazing olive oil. This is the time to spend extra on high-quality ingredients. The dish can be simple, but the better the ingredients, the better it will taste. It could also be a fun experience to cook all together!

4. Flowers in a Vase

I think going this route is the safest if you don’t know them very well. Florals work for everyone. If you want to make your own arrangement, this class is great for learning how to put it together really well (use code WIT&DELIGHT15 for 15% off). Otherwise, find a local florist who can make something beautiful for you. To make the arrangement a little more special, add ribbon to the vase or choose a vase that goes beyond the standard glass cylinder to give it a more personal touch.

5. Something to Enjoy the Next Morning

There are very few people who wouldn’t be excited about a high-quality baked good to enjoy together in the morning. Put it in a cute basket to sit next to the coffee pot and invite people to help themselves. This looks like an amazing muffin mix!

6. Something Special to You

Gifting something that you love or that is special to you will give you an opportunity to connect! I’ve brought gingerbread sandwich cookies from a bakery in St. Paul. Bringing fresh coffee grounds from a local spot would also be a great little gift. Or, you could bring a wine you know a bit about and share why you enjoy it. You could even bring a beautiful set of candles to light during the gathering.

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