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How to Pipe Frosting Ruffles


When I think of a classic cake, I see buttercream ruffle cakes from the ’80s. Honestly, I used to dislike these vintage style cakes so much. But, seeing ruffle cakes done in fun colors just brings them to life. The power of color!

This style of cake can be made using a variety of piping tips. I’ll show you how to make this cake using five tips:

  • Tip 32
  • Tip 844
  • Tip 6B
  • Tip 70
  • Tip 125

You can purchase a frosting tip set here.

How to use Piping Tips:

First, you’ll need a buttercream that holds its shape. Basically, these ruffle cakes are created using the shell technique with tips 32, 844, 70, and 6B.

Tip 125 is a petal tip and is used to make the ruffled swags on the sides of the cake.

Shell Technique:

Hold your piping bag at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze the bag, gently releasing pressure before pulling the tip away. This motion creates the shell.

Repeat the motion, starting each shell at the end of the previous shell.

Ruffled Swag Technique:

Hold your piping bag at a 45 degree angle with the wide edge against the cake. Apply pressure, allowing buttercream to come out.

As the buttercream falls out, it will create a ruffle effect.

Piping on the Cake:

After your cake is frosted, it’s time to add the shells and ruffle swags. First, make a template on the cake. I did this using a circle shape to imprint on the sides of the cake. This ensures the shells and swags aren’t too crooked.

Follow your lines and keep adding until you are content with the design. Add a few shells vertically (in between swags) to give it a more classic look.

This cake is so classic, it works for any celebration. I hope you try it! xo Ren

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