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Root Vegetable & Quinoa Salad with Tahini-Maple Vinaigrette


On a week that’s all about stocking up on as much sugar and candy as possible (Phoebe’s already practicing yelling ‘Trick or Treat!’ at her loudest) you know what’s good? A really amazing salad. This protein-packed one is full of so many colorful superfoods that it almost feels more like a power bowl than a salad, and it’s the perfect way to gear up for a couple days of indulgence… or recover afterwards. 

I love so many of this salad’s components — cumin-scented carrots, fried chickpeas, roasted beets, thick wedges of avocado — and try to keep a couple of these pre-prepped in my fridge every week so I can throw together a similar mash-up on busy days where I’m working straight through lunch. Oh, and this dressing… so incredibly addictive. Tahini is one of those ingredients that I’ve suddenly gotten hooked on experimenting with, and I make extras of this dressing and store in a mason jar in the fridge as added incentive to toss together a salad or snack on raw veggies during the week (best dipping sauce ever.)

The fried chickpeas are kind of a game-changer. This was the first time I’d made them, and for the rest of the afternoon, I kept forcing them on everyone I saw (“can you believe these things — they’re amazing!!”) It’s like the best addictive “crouton” that also happens to be packed with protein and fiber, and my next fried chickpea experiment will be dusting them with all kinds of seasonings (cumin & paprika, cinnamon & sugar, rosemary & sea salt) for what I think will be the ultimate party snack.

This salad is a great one to riff off of, and use whatever ingredients you’re currently loving or that you’ve got in your fridge. Not into quinoa? Barley, bulghur, or lentils would be great instead and still provide tons of nutrition. Roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash would be a great stand-in for carrots, and arugula or spinach could easily take the place of the kale. A great salad is all about creating balance and contrast, so whatever your combo, aim to have a mix of crunchy, chewy, and creamy; plus something fresh and light (the kale and radishes) with something richer (the avocado and roasted beets.


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