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October Horoscopes: A Life-Changing Month


Life is getting interesting and spooky! Bringing major shifts in the sky, eclipse season, and the rarest retrograde there is, October is a life-changing month. October brings push-and-pull energy, and it will be crucial to be comfortable with the ups and downs. The good news is that Venus, the queen planet of pleasure, will be positioned quite strongly, helping us attract our heart’s desires. 

Eclipse season begins on October 23, when the Sun enters Scorpio. From now until November 21, doors will open and close—and destiny plays a key role. This cosmic dance will be active during the October 25 new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, heralding the beginning of an epic transformation for many. 

A total of five planetary bodies (including Mercury) end their retrogrades, making it easier to see the path forward. However, because Mars is scheduled to go retrograde on October 30—just in time for Halloween—it’s crucial to make any major moves like the signing of contracts and marriage proposals as early in the month as possible. 

The retrograde of Mars is the least common and the hardest to deal with. Mars rules our drive, ambition, and masculine energy—and when it retrogrades, our productivity tends to tank. On the flip side, Mars retrograde is the perfect antidote for burnout. From October 30 until January 12, we will all be asked to take a step back so we can re-imagine the way we chase our goals. 

Find out what the month ahead has in store for your zodiac sign in the October horoscopes below!

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In October, you are receiving a dichotomy of energies, Aries. The beginning of the month has you feeling social, and maybe even healing the relationships that went wrong in September. If you’re in a committed relationship, your intimacy could deepen as Venus graces your connection. Major news in this area of your life arrives at the October 9 full moon, which happens in your sign. 

On October 27, Jupiter leaves your sign while in retrograde motion, heralding two months of a deep inner quest. From now until December 20, the cosmos will be instigating you to develop your spiritual side. By doing so, you’ll unearth previously hidden motives and desires, leading you to serious growth in the first quarter of 2023. Then on October 30, your planetary ruler, Mars, goes retrograde, deepening ever more your need for introspection. Until January 12, you will be challenged to reimagine the way you communicate your desires. 


Enjoy the beginning of October to the max, Taurus! Lover Venus is your gal and will be creating harmony in your life until October 22. If your home or office space needs a revamp, this is the most positive time of the year to bring more beauty to your surroundings. 

Once October 22 arrives, the vibe changes quite drastically. The teacher planet, Saturn, goes direct in your career sector, bringing either a heavier workload or more responsibility your way. While this might feel like a heavy weight on you, your current positive actions could end up in long-term success down the road. On October 25, a major new beginning is set in motion in your partnership sector under the solar eclipse. A female business partner or mentor could suddenly appear exactly when you need her the most. Eclipses are destined events, so open your arms to what this one brings your way. 


Look up, Gemini. September was a bit rough, but October brings opportunities for healing as Mercury goes direct on October 2. From this moment on, life should be way easier to handle, and you will enjoy opportunities to socialize with friends and family. Your career will be lit this month as asteroid Juno goes direct and Jupiter enters Pisces late in the month, bringing the signing of a contract or the sealing of a deal that began in the spring. 

However, there’s trouble in paradise when Mars goes retrograde in your sign on October 30. From now until January 12, your personal actions could be met with resistance. Patience will be key, especially during important meetings—otherwise, you could risk offending someone. Gemini, it’s time to change the way you maneuver your masculine energy, and this retrograde is here to teach you how, so pay attention and go with the flow. 


In October, you will be asked to find a balance between your career and your home life, Cancer. This energy will be especially potent during the October 9 full moon, when old grievances will be aired out so they can be healed. This could involve some important women in your life. At that time, Pluto will be waking up from its long retrograde, possibly bringing back power struggles that you considered solved. 

Once eclipse season begins on October 23, the energy will be harder for many zodiac signs, but not for you! You love Scorpio energy, as it activates your thirst for fun and play. Explore your creativity during the epic new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, as it could reawaken a dormant talent. If you have children, this eclipse could also reawaken your need to connect with them at a deeper level, so enjoy! 


Relationships play a key role for you in October, Leo. As asteroid Vesta goes direct in your partnership sector, you’re finding yourself devoted to either deepening or making an important connection work. Since Saturn, the planet of commitment and time, also goes direct in this sector later in the month, it does seem like this connection will last for a long time. In short, your efforts will most likely be rewarded. 

Your home and family life gets lit when Scorpio season arrives on October 23. It looks like you’ve been working hard since the summer, and the October 25 new moon solar eclipse brings you a new beginning. From this moment on, your life could be more balanced, which will deepen your relationship with your family, and especially the women in your life. Lastly, as Mars goes retrograde on October 30, you begin a two-month period of revision within your friendships. 


Great news, Virgo! Mercury goes direct in your sign on October 2, slowly putting all those tech mishaps to rest. Until October 9, which is until Mercury remains in your sign, your mind gains momentum, bringing you the chance to catch up on the lost work from last month. The good news is that starting October 10, Mercury will be gracing your money sector, turning your attention to your assets and finances.

A commitment or partnership could be rekindled when asteroid Juno goes direct on October 23, two days before the epic new moon eclipse take place. However, if you must sign a contract or deal, try sealing it before October 30. Mars begins its 2.5-month-long retrograde in your career sector, slowing the pace of your productivity quite considerably. From now until January 12, swimming against the current will make life feel like a never-ending tournament, Virgo. Go slowly! 


Sexy Venus is in your sign until October 22, Libra, which means that your powers of attraction hit climax. If you can picture it in your mind, you can make it happen! This is especially true around October 9, when the full moon rises in the sky. While manifestation could happen at this time, deep healing could also take place within a certain relationship. 

October 22 is a big day for you as your ruler, Venus, perfectly aligns with the Sun. A deep need to practice self-love and self-care will take over. You might also get hit with a major aha moment regarding the way you show your talents to the world. The day after, on October 23, the energy shifts quite considerably as Scorpio season begins. For the next three weeks, your mood will change. You will dive deep into introspection, sometimes even obsessing about something or someone.  


October is a majorly important month in your 2022 storybook, Scorpio. Of course, it heralds your solar return (birthday season), but it also comes with big transformation energy at your disposal. You begin the month on an introspective note, most likely working on a project that reaches its culmination around the October 9 full moon. 

The shift in energy arrives on October 22, when Saturn goes direct in your home sector. Your focus on your home and family will deepen, and you will feel devoted to connecting with your roots. A moment of change arrives with the October 25 new moon solar eclipse, which will close one door and also open another. Eclipses are non-negotiable cosmic dances of destiny, Scorpio. So remember to trust and go with the flow at this time. 


Relationships are a theme for you in the month ahead, Sagittarius. For starters, the October 9 full moon activates your romance sector, igniting your need to experience more pleasure in your life. Exes could come back at this full moon and also as Mars prepares to go retrograde on October 30. If you do decide to talk again, do it for closure but not to rekindle things. Mars is classic for bringing energy vampires from the past, so think twice before opening the door. 

On a more positive note, Jupiter, your planetary ruler, re-enters Pisces on October 27. This is a major mood shift for you that is bound to rekindle that inner quest that characterized the first quarter of 2022. You’re being pulled to study mystical arts and focus on the non-tangible side of life. The more deeply you dive into these subjects, the more spiritually woke you will become. 


You could feel pulled in two directions this month, Capricorn. Work has likely been very busy and you may have been struggling with keeping a healthy work-life balance. This issue will be deeply felt around the October 9 full moon. You will most likely feel torn when it comes to how to divide your energy, as Pluto wakes up from its retrograde around that time, igniting your ambition to succeed. You might be better off focusing on home and family, as your people have most likely been missing you.

The truth is, Capricorn, that productivity will begin tanking the closer we get to Mars retrograde, which begins on October 30. From now until January 12, pacing yourself with work will be key—otherwise, you risk burning out. Staying realistic when it comes to setting up goals for the next few months is the secret.


A big month is in store, Aquarius. For starters, Vesta goes direct in your sign on October 5, rekindling your devotion to activism or spirituality. You have been mastering this asteroid’s influence, as it has shown you what really is important for you at a personal level. Saturn also goes direct in your sign, signaling the arrival of more responsibility. Listen to Saturn’s lessons, as they are powerfully helping you build a new foundation for your life. 

Then on October 25, the new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio activates your career sector, bringing new beginnings and endings in this area of your life. If something ends, let it go! And if a new opportunity knocks at your door, it might be wise to accept it, Aquarius, as it could be your destiny calling. 


Big shifts are on the horizon, Pisces! Juno, the asteroid of commitment, reawakens from its retrograde on October 23, heralding the re-engagement of a promise. If something didn’t quite materialize for you between April 20 and July 24, it could very well do so now as this goddess asteroid graces your sign. 

And lucky you, because starting October 27, you get another do-over! Jupiter, a planet that is very close to your heart, reenters your sign, which could be a huge blessing depending on how you handle it. Themes that you lived between December 28, 2021 and May 11, 2022 could return for either closure or manifestation. Either way, having Jupiter in your sign until December 20 is major cosmic magic at your disposal. If you can picture it in your mind, you can make it happen! 


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