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Easy DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas


If you are looking for easy DIY Halloween wreath ideas that anyone could make, then look no further! We’ve got you.

I love making seasonal wreaths to hang on our front door or for around the house. It’s an easy craft you can do while watching TV (maybe the new Hocus Pocus movie!), and I think wreath making can be a fun party idea with friends.

So, here are different ways to make DIY Halloween wreaths with lots of different ways to customize them.

How do you make a simple Halloween wreath?

The simplest way to make a DIY Halloween wreath is to buy a grapevine wreath base and hot glue accents to it.

Here are some grapevine wreath bases:

Once you have the base, you can hot glue any spooky accent you want to it! You could cover the entire base or leave it more sparse. There are so many different Halloween accents you could use.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

How do you make a Halloween wreath with a wire frame?

A wire frame wreath base allows for more customization. Sometimes, a grapevine base is too rustic for the look you may be going for with your wreath. If so, a wire frame might be the way to go!

Wrap the wire frame in yarn or fabric. You can secure it by tying the back or hot gluing the end.

Then, hot glue or wire things to the yarn or fabric. Many of the accents I linked above could work well with this Halloween wreath option.

A few more ideas could include:

  • Painting ping pong balls to look like oversized eyes
  • Photocopying old family photos and dyeing them with tea
  • Add vampire teeth and (painted) blood

What supplies do I need to make a Halloween wreath?

-Wreath base + accents + hot glue glue

-Wreath bases include: foam wreath base, wire, or grapevine

When using a foam wreath base, you may want to paint the foam to match whatever yarn or fabric you plan to cover it in so it doesn’t peek through. This is similar to using a wire frame base, but the foam will added more dimension (thickness) to your final wreath.

Another variation would be to wrap your foam base in two different colors of yarn or fabric.

How do I switch between yarn colors?

Tie one color to the next before beginning to wrap again. Make sure to tie the knots all on one side (the back) of the wreath. Then, trim the tails off once you are ready to hang your wreath.

Happy Halloween wreath making! xo, Emma

P.S. Looking for more wreath DIYs? Check out Wreath Making Ideas (For Any Season).


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