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16 Ultimate Summer Cocktail Recipes


These refreshing Summer Cocktails are here to help you relax and recharge when the weather gets hot. Whether you’re by the pool or enjoying a laid-back happy hour, these boozy beverages are bound to hit the spot!

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What Drinks Are Good for Summer?

Any drink that can cool you down with a single sip is ideal for the summer season. From frozen mixed drinks to cocktails on the rocks, these recipes are perfect for those warmer months when you’re frequently in need of a refresher. Not only are they cold, boozy and satisfying, but they’re also super easy to make!

How to Keep Summer Cocktails Cold

There are quite a few ways you can help your cocktails stay nice and cold when it’s hot outside. Try chilling your glasses in the fridge before you fill them with ice and pour in the drink. If you’re mixing up a whole pitcher for an outdoor event, pour the cocktail into a large water bottle and keep it in a cooler filled with ice. That way, everyone can simply scoop up some ice with their glass and pour in the beverage!

Concerned that the ice cubes will melt and water down your drink? Don’t stress! You could always opt for frozen fruit or reusable plastic ice cubes instead.

16 Summer Cocktails You Have to Try

These cold and refreshing cocktails are perfect for summer! You can mix them up in minutes for a boozy refresher that everyone will swoon over.




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