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Bia Diagnostics Becomes First Analytical Lab In Vermont Licensed For Adult Use Cannabis Testing


Bia Diagnostics, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and global leader in food and nutraceutical analysis since 2007, has become the first analytical lab in the state of Vermont to be licensed for adult use cannabis, and is currently accepting samples at their 480 Hercules Drive, Colchester, Vermont location.

As the premier independent testing lab for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture’s Hemp Program for the past three years, Bia Diagnostics was the first laboratory to be certified by the Vermont Hemp Program and Cannabis Quality Control Program to conduct compliance testing on hemp, hemp products and hemp infused products.

They were also the first laboratory in the state of Vermont to be ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for cannabis testing. In addition, Bia Diagnostics is accredited to the Americans for Safe Access Cannabis standard, and participates in the AOAC Cannabis Analytical Sciences Program, ensuring the most up to date testing methodologies are used. Through these efforts, Bia Diagnostics has the scientific expertise and regulatory experience necessary to assist adult use cannabis industry stakeholders in providing safe, compliant products, with fast turnaround times and accurate results.

CEO and co-founder, Thomas Grace has been in the food and clinical diagnostics field for over 40 years and started Bia Diagnostics to meet the consumer safety needs of an ever-changing industry. Thomas Grace is an adjunct lecturer in the department of pharmacology at the University of Vermont Medical School. Thomas stated, “We started Bia to provide fast and accurate third-party testing, which fulfilled compliance requirements for food manufacturers in an emerging food allergen landscape. Subsequently, we helped ensure consumer confidence with label claims people can trust. Bia has expanded over the years to fill additional rolls in the food and nutraceutical industry and that’s precisely what we are doing with hemp and cannabis now as well. Our goal is to help make the VT brand the gold standard for quality and purity in this emerging market.”

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