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What We Want to See on All Rise Season 3


Last May, CBS aired what we thought was All Rise’s series finale.

Most couples and storylines ended neatly, but the fans still longed for more.

In September, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) saved and renewed the series for a third season.

All Rise has been off the air for a year. What do we want to see the most when it returns?

These are some of our must-haves for the legal drama. Did any of your wishes make our list?

A Mark and Amy Wedding

Since the series picks up six months from where the second season finale ended, we’re hoping Mark and Amy’s wedding didn’t happen off-screen. It was such a beautiful proposal that we hope the wedding occurs sometime in the first few episodes.

Mark and Amy worked hard to be together. They have dealt with Rachel making a play at Mark, and Mark learned that Amy was technically still married.

Hopefully, Amy’s divorce is finalized, and the wedding can happen. The group needs a reason to celebrate.

Ideally, they could have a nontraditional wedding, where Lola stood up on Mark’s side as his “best person,” since Mark and Lola are so close. It’s one event that could bring the entire group of friends together.

Luke and Emily Reunite

Luke and Emily spent most of All Rise Season 2 apart as they dealt with their issues and found themselves.

Luke realized that Emily was the only person he felt truly safe with. They both confessed their love at the airport, but Emily still needed time alone to process her challenging year.

Since Luke promised to wait for her, hopefully, we’ll see some conversations about where their relationship is heading upon Emily’s return. They’re also both working for the public defender, so hopefully, we see them work together on some cases.

Lola Wins the Judgeship

Judge Lola Carmichael had a rough year last year. She was arrested unfairly during a protest, and a video went viral, nearly wrecking her career.

Many colleagues thought she’d try cases unfairly, especially when hate crimes came across her docket. Things became heated when she brought Sheriff McCarthy to justice, and Corrine Cuthbert defended him.

Lola thought her job was safe but learned that others were contesting her seat for judge in the finale.

Hopefully, Lola retains her chair and continues to kick butt in the courtroom. It looks like she’s in for a fight from the promo, but she’ll have her friends by her side.

Keep Lola’s Relationships Strong and in the Forefront

We love every bit of All Rise, but Lola Carmichael is at the center of the series, and so are her relationships.

Since the series has recast her husband Robin (Christian Keyes) as a stay-at-home dad, we hope to see more of the married duo.

Lola and Mark have always been fan-favorite friends as they bolster each other through issues, so they need to keep them front and center with their chats, whether on the steps or the rooftop terrace.

Hopefully, Lola and Sherri will bring lots of laughter and fun as they prep for court cases. We’ll miss Sara as part of their trio, but she got another job.

More Character Arcs about Mental Health and Victims Assistance

Emily has always been passionate about fighting for the rights of domestic abuse and mental illness clients. These subjects are rarely discussed and are often considered taboo.

In the second season, Emily admitted that she had been in therapy for a year. Hopefully, on All Rise Season 3, we could see some of her therapy sessions and notice how Emily uses those skills to help her clients.

Sara will be helping the victims’ assistance program during Season 3 after she realizes how much she helped Nikki get out of an abusive home. We hope we see more of Sara in action and not just as a supportive friend.

See Luke’s Restorative Justice Program Develop

Luke has a soft heart for first-time offenders, especially young ones, and tried to develop a restorative justice program back on Season 2.

Restorative justice involves making amends to the victim. Both Good Trouble and Law and Order: SVU also featured episodes with restorative justice in the last few years.

Now that Luke and Emily will be working together at the public defender’s office, hopefully, we can see them get help for both young offenders and their victims.

Mark and Luke Form a Strong Duo in the Courtroom

When Mark and Luke teamed up against Detective McCarthy and the sheriffs, they went after a giant shark that almost cost Luke his job.

Since they both survived and came out stronger, we’d love to see the two of them take on another considerable case together.

Ideally, we’d like it if Reggie Lee returned as DA Choi since all three of them were so much fun in scenes together.

See Georgia Recur and Lisa and Georgia’s Relationship Evolve More

Lisa Benner finally experienced love last season with Georgia (Amy Acker). Georgia was the first person to get Lisa to open up.

While it’s a pipe dream, we’d like to see Georgia’s answer to Lisa’s proposal and know if we get a two-weddings season!

What do YOU want to see on the third season? Share your thoughts below.

All Rise Season 3 Episode 1 premieres on OWN on Tuesday, June 7th at 8/7c.

Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


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