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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero


The supernatural forces in Hawkins are preparing for war, and it’s heartbreaking that Eleven’s plan to start a new life in California has largely imploded as a result.

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 3 brought Owens back into the mix, and while he’s shown in the past that he wants to do right by Eleven, it’s hard to trust anyone on this show.

There were always going to be repercussions for Eleven after assaulting Angela on Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2, but I didn’t expect it to be that extreme.

The officers were making comments they shouldn’t have been making. Anyone on the outside looking in would have been able to tell that Eleven was traumatized by what happened before the incident.

It’s a shame the kids couldn’t get in to speak on her behalf, but the series wanted to showcase a helpless Eleven.

One lousy move cost her that California lifestyle she so desperately craved without her powers.

Owens is a bit like a beacon of hope through the darkness. I mean, he’s sketchy, but he also managed to get Eleven out of going to juvie.

Sullivan: There were no signs of any attacker. No bruises. No signs of any struggle. It’s as if her attacker was a ghost. Does this remind you of anything, Doctor?
Owens: No, it doesn’t.
Sullivan: Are you sure?

He also knows the true extent of her powers. It’s hard to tell whether he’s manipulating her by dangling the lives of everyone in Hawkins in front of her or if he’s genuinely scared that these supernatural forces will continue their reign of terror.

The U.S. government has made up its mind about Eleven, believing her to be the cause of the latest wave of events in Hawkins.

Somehow, Eleven is always to blame, and it’s no wonder she’s struggling to come to terms with whether she’s a hero or a villain.

Angela and those police officers really did a number on her. It’s a shame she doesn’t know her true worth, but I hope the imminent return of her powers allows her the confidence to pick the right side.

It will be strange to see Eleven away from the people she’s called family for so long, but she understands the task ahead.

If Owens can bring her powers back stronger than before, it will make for an exciting arc as we delve deeper into her abilities.

Mike’s helplessness over what happened to Eleven shone through “The Monster and the Superhero.”

He was conflicted following her string of lies, sure, but deep down, he wanted to save her when she really needed it.

All of the kids in California tried to keep her out of the slammer and danger, but there was only so much they could do without a parent or guardian around.

I half-expected them to reel in a random in disguise as Joyce. These kids sure know how to get themselves out of a pickle, so it was a surprise they didn’t get more creative here.

It was obvious Vecna would come for Max eventually. Her whole arc throughout the first few episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 has been about her moving on following Billy’s death.

Owens: And I also understand that military strength is not the answer.
Sullivan: So what is the answer, Doctor? More scientists? Because it was men of science, men like you, who created this problem in the first place. Everything that has happened in Hawkins can be traced back to Brenner’s little pet. Wouldn’t you agree? (Dr. Brenner trained her for this very thing. Remote assassinations.

People have said she’s not the same person, and the files in Ms. Kelly’s office only confirmed what we already knew. Max suffering from the same afflictions as the previous deaths is concerning.

One of the broader issues with the series is the lack of deaths that stick. Max is one of the best characters this season, so it would be difficult to say goodbye to her.

Then again, it would increase the stakes and switch many things up.

The team will work together to do what they can, but it’s hard to be optimistic about her chances of survival without a solution and people already dead.

Nancy and Robin’s team-up is something I didn’t think I wanted, but they make for a dynamic duo.

I’m starting to wonder whether Nancy still holds a torch for Steve and was being iffy with Robin because she thought they were in a relationship.

It’s not like Nancy and Jonathan are in a good place. They’re not communicating, and they both want different things in life.

They haven’t been making an effort, and maybe that’s a sign they’re not meant to be.

Robin’s plan to switch up their strategy in the library gave them their most significant break in the case yet. This will give everyone the desire to follow this deadly mission through to completion.

Argyle: I know this may be, like, upsetting and shit, but that future prom queen is gonna be fine. It’s just, like, rubber wheels.
Jonathan: Plastic.
Argyle: Oh. Not like hard plastic. Just… Just the soft kind.

Now that they’ve linked the murders to what happened in the Creel house, it remains to be seen what Victor will be able to tell them when they inevitably meet.

The theory has been that Victor is behind the killings, but what has he got to gain from starting things back up?

We, as viewers, know it’s supernatural, but it is possible he could be controlling the villain from the asylum.

“The Monster and the Superhero” was a slower installment than the previous two, focusing more on the characters’ relationships as they dig away at the mysteries.

What did you think of the Creel reveal?

Do you think Max will die?

Do you think there’s a future for Nancy and Steve?

Hit the comments below.

Stranger Things Season 4 is currently airing on Netflix.

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