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Russian soldiers ‘desperate’ on frontline as Putin’s strategy fails | World | News


According to soldiers on the frontline, the Russian attack is failing as the military forces lack strong leadership and effective strategy. Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Eastern Ukraine explained the ongoing attacks from the Russian military had become increasingly desperate and tactically poor. The defending Ukrainian forces appeared confident in their impending victory as Putin’s forces have resorted to poorly planned and strategically weak efforts.

Recent Russian attacks have featured increased use of heavy artillery but the Ukrainian forces are adamant this is a signal of despair from Russian soldiers as they panic over their failed military action.

Ukrainian journalist Maryan Kushnir spoke to Ukrainian soldiers on the front line of defence to discuss the Russia war tactics.

One Ukrainian soldier said: “The Russian troops are not as effective as people have said.

“Russia may still want to show what it’s capable of, but they are just a horde. They’re just cannon fodders.”

The soldier speculated Russian forces are using heavy weapons in an effort to disguise the weakness in morale and tactical training throughout Putin’s military.

He continued: “If you compare the war in Donbas in 2014 to now, I think the situation is desperate for them.

“They don’t have any military tactics or strategy.”

The fighting methods of the Russian troops appeared increasingly disorganised as they switched between area targets and engaged in predictable attacks that failed to defeat the Ukrainian soldiers stationed in the area.

The soldier added: “They’re just using all their heavy weapons because they’re desperate.”

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Official Russian statements on the performance of Putin’s military remain largely concealed as Russia is swarmed with pro-war propaganda across state-controlled networks.

Reports from within Ukraine suggest the Russian forces are undertrained, lack essential resources, and are void of strong military leadership.

Putin’s regime has also failed to release reliable data on the number of Russian casualties as a consequence of the invasion.

NATO estimated between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since the invasion began in February.


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