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SAFC marks 50th anniversary | TV Tonight


The South Australian Film Corporation this week marked its 50th anniversary, launching on 20 April 1972.

The invention of visionary Premier Don Dunstan, the proclamation of the SAFC Act prompted the Sunday Mail to declare Adelaide a new “mini Hollywood”, with work officially starting in October 1972 when the agency formally opened under inaugural Director Gil Brealey.

“Half a century on and the SAFC is still helping to drive South Australia’s screen industry to new heights of excellence, supporting, positioning and championing SA screen businesses to achieve creative excellence and prosperity, contributing to a robust South Australian economy and creative vibrancy,” SAFC said in a statement.

“To all the directors, producers, writers, actors, crew, PDV workers, game developers, screen service providers and partner organisations who have contributed to the grand legacy of the SAFC and the South Australian screen industry over the last half century, we say thank you.

“2022 marks our golden anniversary – and a new golden era of South Australian screen production.”

Recent South Australian productions have included The Tourist, Gold, Firebite, Maverix, Aftertaste, Upright, Wolf Like Me, First Day, The Hunting, Operation Buffalo, Pine Gap, Wolf Creek, Stateless, Wanted.


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