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I’m in my early 30s, child free, divorced, and a lot of my close friends are in their 20s, some still in college. They joke and call me mom. And then they start breaking out the current slang and I’m just like, “Wait. Is that good? Is it bad? What does that even mean?” My favorite is when they use a word as slang and I pull out the actual dictionary definition and I just get blank stares.

Fun story, I was an ER nurse while the slang “a minute” was being used for any time frame at all. I triaged a guy into my ER who was having “chest pain,” and every time I tried to ask him when the pain started, how long it lasted, etc., the response was “It lasted for ‘a minute.’ It started in a ‘minute.’” And that is exactly what I typed into the triage report, word for word.

I guess I really am “mom.” I will wear my “uncool, old” badge proudly. 🙂


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